Old Flame: Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei Past Romance

2 years in a relationship, Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei broke up! What happened? Let’s check the details below with us!

Korean actor Song Seung-hun has been dating Chinese actress Liu Yifei for two years, but recently, their chop-up news popped out of nowhere! Are you curious about what happened to their relationship? Before we discover the reason behind their slash, let’s see the 2 artists’ profiles!

Song Seung-hun’s Full Profile

song seung hun profile

Song Seung-hun could be a Korean actor who was born on October 5, 1976. Before becoming an actor, he started his career by being a model for the jeans brand STORM. He first became known to the general public thanks to his appearance within the sitcom Three Guys, Three Girls, which aired in 1996. the subsequent year, he made his debut as an actor. His debut movie was Calla, where he acted alongside Kim Hee-sun.

His popularity rose rapidly in 2000 when he appeared within the widely popular TV drama Autumn in My Heart. After building the inspiration of his career with this drama, he continued to actively add the acting field by appearing in many dramas and flicks like Make It Big (2002), So Close (2002), and Summer Scent (2003). But, in late 2004, he got trapped during a scandal where he illegally avoided his compulsory military service by submitting a tainted urine sample so it sounded like he was stricken by a particular illness. Before his scandal got bigger, he agreed to serve his two-year term within the military.

After being discharged from the military in 2006, he made his comeback in 2008 by starring in MBC’s drama East of Eden. Thanks to his acting within the drama, he received a Grand Prize at MBC Drama Awards. within the same year, he also appeared in the action movie Fate. Later in 2009, he founded his own management agency called Storm S Entertainment, which was later changed to raised ENT.

Until now, he’s still active. we are able to see him in MBC’s show I Live Alone. We were recently ready to see him in OCN’s drama The Player alongside f(x)’s Krystal. If you would like to understand his current activities, you’ll be able to visit his Instagram account @songseungheon1005!

Liu Yifei’s Full Profile

liu yifei

If you’re an acquaintance of Disney, you want to have heard this actress’s name because Liu Yifei received the role of the famous, brave Disney princess Mulan within the movie Mulan which will be released in 2020.

Liu Yifei was born on August 25, 1987, in China with An Feng as her birth name. Thanks to her parent’s divorce when she was still 10 years old, she later adopted her mother’s name and altered her name to Liu Ximeizi. Simultaneously, she also began to model while training in singing, dancing, and playing the piano. At an identical age, she and her mother moved to the big apple.

In 2002, she went back to China to pursue her acting career. She also used her anonym Liu Yifei while being active within the field. some weeks after she returned to China, she was accepted into the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy at the age of 15 and later graduated in 2006.

Not long after she was accepted into Beijing Film Academy, she also received many offers to seem in television series. She made her debut by appearing within the romance drama The Story of a Noble Family, which was supported a completely unique with the identical name. Within the same year, she needs to act as Wang Yuyan in another novel adaptation titled Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. Because of her role as Wang Yuyan, she received the nickname Fairy Sister from the media and her fans for her sweet and delicate image.

After her career was built up in China, she began to go international in 2014 and collaborated with actor-singer Rain certain Love or Money. The following year, she starred in another Chinese-South Korean production, The Third Way of affection, where she met Song Seung-hun. After succeeding with many works internationally, she was cast as Mulan for the live-action adaptation of the 1998 Disney animated film. The movie is ready to be released in 2020, so it’s like we still must wait some years until we will see her performance! Are you excited?

If you’re interested in her latest activity, you’ll visit her social media account on Instagram: @yifei_cc or Weibo: @刘亦菲!

Song Seung-hun and Liu Yifei’s Break up News

Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei

Song Seung-hun and Liu Yifei started dating in 2015. They first met once they worked together for the Chinese-South Korean production The Third Way of affection in 2013. Song Seung-hun’s agency confirmed that the 2 were dating and said that the 2 actors became near the filming set. After they became closer, they went one step further and began dating. Even a rumor said that they had introduced themselves to every other’s parents and had planned their wedding, but Song Seung-hun’s agency denied this.

But, in January 2018, the news about their cut surfaced. Song Seung-hun’s agency confirmed this and announced their hack. The agency said that they had variables naturally thanks to their busy schedules. They also made sure that they broke up thanks to the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) issues between South Korea and China.

Actually, even before the official announcement came out, there have been many rumors about their slash from previous years. while the agency denied the rumors, this time, it had been true and didn’t surprise some netizens.

Liu Yifei’s Current Boyfriend and Dating Rumor List

liu yifei mulan

Like most celebrities, Liu Yifei tries to stay her personal and sexual activity private. She rarely talks about her sexual practice publicly. Being known for her acting in Mulan, Liu Yifei wants to be known thanks to her work, so she works really hard at singing and keeps her real-life private. Even after years within the show business, she is still active in many movies and dramas. Ahead, we take a glance at Liu Yifei’s current boyfriend and any dating rumor of her sexual practice.

So, who are the lads who are rumored to own dated Liu Yifei?

Liu Yifei With Boran Jing

liu yifei and boran jung

After ending with Song Seung Hoon, Liu Yifei made headlines again when he was seen with Chinese singer Boran Jing. The handsome star herself is 2 years younger than the actress who played in the film MULAN. After the rumors that Liu Yifei and Boran Jing were circulating together, it absolutely was revealed that the singer actually features a lover. Boran Jing and his partner had been dating for a long time and were serious.

Liu Yifei and Boran Jing are known to be together because they’re both functioning on a replacement drama. They play together in Records of The Southern Mist House. Liu Yifei’s fans also defended the actress; they believed that Song Seung Hoon’s relationship ended because the 30-year-old star wanted to focus more on his career. They also believe that Liu Yifei won’t be dating again shortly.

Liu Yifei With Rain

liu yifei and rain

Korean Hallyu star Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) revealed himself with the Chinese actress Liu Yifei. On his Instagram account, the Korean heartthrob uploaded a selfie with Liu, the Chinese film heroine “For Love or Money (Lushuihongyan).” Within the photo, the 2 Asian stars are gazing at the camera and making funny faces.

Launched in China, “For Love or Money” was directed by Chinese filmmaker Gao Xixi and stars Rain and Liu Yifei. Rain plays Xu Chengxun, a creative painter and therefore the only heir of a conglomerate owner in Southeast China. On one occasion, the Korean singer Rain said that Liu Yifei is the most beautiful Chinese woman he has ever seen.

Song Seung-hun’s Current Girlfriend and Dating Rumor List

song seung hun

Song Seung-Heon may be a South Korean model and actor. He has acted in various television dramas; he won hearts along with his spectacular performance within the popular K-drama Autumn in My Heart (2000), East of Eden (2008), My Princess (2011), Black (2017), Player (2018), and therefore the Great Show (2019). His latest drama is Dinner Mate (2020). Since his debut, he has been linked to several celebrities and has also confirmed dating within the past. So who are they? Let’s check it out!

Song Seung-hun With Song Hye Kyo

song seung hun song hye kyo

Korean drama lovers must realize the melodrama entitled “Autumn in My Heart” or “Endless Love” in 2000. The drama, starring Song Seung Heon, Song Hye Kyo, and Won Bin, achieved the tremendous success that created the Hallyu wave or the Korean wave. When he talked about his favorite scene in “Autumn In My Heart,” the actor Yoon Joon Suh mentioned the scene when Song Hye Kyo, who plays Choi Eun Suh, hugged him from behind when he met again on the beach as an adult.

Song Hye Kyo was reportedly near Song Seung Heon, his co-star in Autumn in My Heart in 2000. Both were rumored to be involved within the love of the situation after the drama ended. Although this news was quite widely heard, the 2 agencies never confirmed the rumors. But Seung Heon once admitted that Hye Kyo was his ideal type.

Song Seung-hun With Sung Yuri

song seung hun song yuri

Song Seung Hun and Sung Yuri, from a former girl band ‘FIN.K.L,’ were reported to be in an exceedingly relationship in 2002. But divide in June 2003, surprising the media and fans. Thanks to their busy works, they spent less time together, and at last, they agreed to interrupt up. After the news detached, the media and fans then know that they dated for 8 months. Song Seung Hun’s manager revealed that they knew one another after they modeled Andre Kim’s fashion show. During their time together, they developed chemistry. Song Seung Hun even visited to buy a pair of rings to mark their dating. And Sung Yuri bought him a puppy.

During their dating period, Song Seung Hun always bought roses for Sung Yuri, and he or she also bought clothes for him. Once they’re free, they’d meet at a rich Japanese restaurant or opt for an outing. When Song Seung Hun was filming ‘Ice Rain’ in Canada in March 2003, they chat on the phone a day and spent nearly 2 hours nightly on international calls. Song Seung Hun’s manager even revealed: Song Seung Hun likes to drink, but because Sung Yuri failed to like him drinking, he never touched a drop for 3 months.

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