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Okay! Madam tells of hilarious rescue operation from a hijacked plane

The upcoming action comedy “Okay! Madam” tells of hilarious rescue operation from a hijacked plane is a homage to the Hong Kong action flick “Yes Madam!”

Director Lee Cheol-ha said he strived to infuse humour to the action film, allowing audiences to enjoy amusing scenes along with human moments.

“I’m of a generation that grew up watching Hong Kong action movies. With Okay! Madam, I want to revive the genre,” Lee said in a press event streamed online. “I constantly thought about how to create the pacing and the rhythm that I want in order to carry laughs and thrills until the end of the film.”

The filmmaker revealed that “Okay! Madam” was shot inside an actual Boeing 777 aircraft, and thus the production team had to position cameras on the ceilings.

Uhm Jung-hwa, who co-starred with Park Sung-woong, said the film has it all ― hilariously funny moments and white-knuckle action scenes. Uhm takes on the role of Mi-young who sells twisted breadsticks at a traditional market. Park plays her husband Seok-hwan, who runs a computer repair shop.

One day, Seok-hwan wins a free trip to Hawaii, and they embark on their first trip abroad. However, a group of terrorists including Chul-seung (played by Lee Sang-yun), who are chasing after a secret agent (played by Lee Sun-bin), hijack the aircraft. The passengers become hostages, and the couple fights their way to rescue the passengers.

Okay! Madam
Okay! Madam

Unlike the standard superhero team, Mi-young and Seok-hwan who seem ordinary people are thrown into an urgent mission to prevent terrorism and arrive in Hawaii safely.

Singer-turned-actress Uhm accepted the role because for years she has craved a role in an action film.

“I’ve always wanted to star in an action film, and I loved the script which was filled with humour, action and mystery,” Uhm said. “I got so hyped that I signed up for an action acting school even before the casting was done.”

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On performing action sequences in a narrow aisle between seats, Uhm said: “Staging action scenes was difficult because there was not enough space to move around, but overall, it was very exciting.”

Park, who gained popularity through playing a merciless villain in crime thriller “New World,” successfully transformed into a charming husband.

“I believe an actor must be able to play a wide range of characters. I also decided to take part in this film after hearing that Uhm is in,” he said.

“Okay! Madam” will hit local theatres in August.

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