Not only beauty, but brain as well: Hani of EXID

Profile of EXID’s Hani: Age, weight, fancam, make-up, and facts. That will make you feel excited!

Ahn Hee-yeon, more commonly called Hani, could be a singer and entertainer belonging to Banana Culture Entertainment in a very girl group called EXID. Before her debut with EXID in 2012, she was originally set to debut as a member of a woman group under JYP Entertainment, however, she was cut from JYP after one year. She was considered the second voice of EXID during her debut days, and together with Solji, she formed the sub-unit Dasoni in 2013, which produces music more vocal-oriented than EXID’s main releases.

We know well that it should take a long time for an idol group to achieve success despite releasing song after song with awesome choreography. After spending almost three years doing poorly as idols, EXID’s song Up & Down did wonders and slowly gained popularity due to a fancam video of Hani that went viral. Since then, Hani gained her fame through many offers to seem on various shows. She’s also been crowned as a wise idol after she proved her intelligence in math and English on several shows!

Full Profile of EXID’s Hani

Birth Name: Ahn Hee-yeon (안희연)
Stage Name : Hani (하니) (哈妮)
Nicknames: Brain, Honey, Mrs. Puff, Heroine, Ahn Hyung
Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Face of the Group
Sub-Unit: Dasoni
Birthday: May 1, 1992
Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Nationality: South Korean
Star Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight : 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: AB
Languages: Korean, Chinese, English
Instruments: Clarinet, Guitar
Hobbies: Taking selfies, Reading
Siblings: One younger brother
Education: Daewang Middle School, Jiri High School, Global Cyber Univesity
Instagram: @ahnhani_92

Hani’s Weight Loss

Hani is thought by netizens and fans to possess one of the simplest bodies within the K-pop industry. Although Hani isn’t as curvy as Junghwa, a fellow member of EXID, she still has wonderful proportions by having an athletic habitus. Despite this, Hani once stated that just once she ate such a lot of unhealthy food, she ended up gaining over 9kg (20lbs) over a very short period of your time. She began to fret that she was too fat and commenced extreme diets to turn.

On JTBC’s Please make sure of My Refrigerator on October 2015, Hani said that she really loves flavorful foods because her sense of taste is more dulled compared to others. She also appalled everyone together with her confession that she will eat three to four servings of meat on her own. On the show, Hani explained that when she’s on a diet, she only eats a pretzel for dinner.

Meanwhile, on SBS’s Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time, Hani unfolded about her rigorous diet right before EXID’s comeback (Hot Pink). The singer said that while preparing for the album release, she lost around 9 kg of weight by having little portions of meals every day. After this, however, her face looked disfigured, so she gained another 2-3 kg because her skin had become badly damaged. Fortunately, Hani has since gained her weight back by eating healthier, and now she looks better than ever!

EXID’s Hani: Legendary Fancam

The song Up & Down was released in February of 2013, and initially charted poorly and did not make it onto the highest. That is until the song slowly gained popularity in early October after a fan-recorded video of Hani performing the song went viral on Korean social networking websites. because of this sudden success, EXID returned to many music programs to push and continue their career as a successful girl group.

In the fancam, Hani was seen recognizing the fan who recorded the video. She looked into the camera, waved, and sent her gratitude. Throughout the video, Hani will be seen looking again and again to the camera and smiling. The idol admitted that when she first saw the fancams views, she thought its popularity was “amazing.” She also revealed that her friends feel a touch awkward watching her dance as she does within the video, adding that they find it so funny that it’s difficult to observe.

The uploader, Pharkil, previously declined a dinner invite from EXID to thank him for recording the famous fancam. Yet, in the end, Hani finally got the possibility to personally thank the uploader when she spotted him again recording her from the audience during a performance.

Hani’s Make-up Routines

Hani is unquestionably at the highest of the girl crush lists. She is thought of as being pretty, sexy, and smart. She’s chill and down-to-earth off stage, but slays together with her alluring charisma on stage! Hani is additionally well-known for her white and translucent skin that contributes to her pure image.

It was revealed through the October 26, 2017 broadcast of tvN’s The List 2015 that her best skincare tip to forestall dry skin is to never activate the heater. She also revealed that she uses her own DIY essence, by mixing a toner, three different essences, and facial oil.

Meanwhile in 2016, on the show Style For You, she shared her secret daily makeup routine. Here’s her step-by-step recipe for getting natural, yet gorgeous makeup!

  1. To possess a flawless look, you have got to possess a robust foundation. She usually starts off her makeup routine with a green-tinted base. She chose green because her face may be a little darker than the remainder of her body, so she brightens her skin tone with a green-shaded base. Next comes the inspiration. Hani prefers an all-in-one cushion that she will be able to simply dab on her face in one step. She makes sure that her cushion offers sun protection, coverage, and oil prevention.
  2. The important trick for eyes is simplicity. Hani only uses a shadow pencil to shade within the end wings of her eyes, and so makes the road bolder with a liquid eyeliner. to feature the final touch, she uses mascara to offer her eyes a lift. Hani prefers to use a shade of brown for all of her eye makeup, but confirm you decide on a color that matches your hair color.
  3. A highlight of Hani’s daily makeup routine could be a tint of blush on her cheeks. Hani prefers a cream blusher that she will dab onto her cheeks to administer her a bright and innocent look.
  4. Next, accentuate the V-Line. Hani already encompasses a perfect v-line, but she accentuates her best feature by shading within the sides of her face. inline with her, contouring applies best while smiling.
  5. The last step to Hani’s daily makeup routine is her lips. She doesn’t have a selected lip color or cream that she prefers, but she has always been known to dabble in highlight-colored glosses. Apply your choice of lip color and dab along the within of your lips to present a small gradation effect.

Hani of EXID: Filmography

Hani’s jump in popularity after her initial fancam was influenced by her appearances on many shows afterward. She appeared on various shows as a guest, co-host, and while an everyday cast! thanks to this, Hani has succeeded in appealing to several viewers along with her innocent and tomboyish personality, leading not only boys but also girls to fall dotty along with her.

Crime Scene Season 2 could be a crime and mystery-themed variety that reenacts actual murders that have taken place before in reality, and it had been one of all Hani’s best performances as the main cast. Hani, mutually of the players, surprised viewers together with her amazing investigative abilities, completely immersing herself in gathering the clues to resolve the murder. It appears that she was also there as comedic relief yet, and you’ll be able to see her goofy and sloppy personality clearly instantly from the primary episode of the show.

Variety Shows

TV Series and Others

  • KBS2’s The Producers – as herself (2015)
  • Lunar New Year special ‘Gold Medal Duty’ (February 10th, 2016)
  • My Love – Mongsil Sisters (MV/2009)
  • We Got The World – R.Tee (MV/2014)
  • Fire – Mad Clown (MV/2015)
  • YOU – Seul Ong (MV/2017)
  • Clash Of Kings (CF/2015)
  • KFC Okonomi on The Chicken (CF/2017)
  • 《호텔스컴바인》 – PR Advertising (CF/2017)
  • Jian food 《지앤푸드》 Grilled Chicken Ribs (CF/2017)

Discography of EXID’s Hani

Hani takes a very important role within the vocal line of EXID, and back within the day she was accustomed have the foremost singing parts just after Solji within the group, something that was later changed because of Hyerin becoming the group’s second voice. Despite the very fact that Hani may be a part of a gaggle, it seems that she has also released several songs outside of EXID’s activities after becoming big (thanks to her legendary fancam). Here’s an inventory of the songs :

  • “Cold” (with C-Clown) – 2012
  • “We Got The World” (with R.Tee) – 2014
  • “Fake Illness” (with Rare Potato) – 2015
  • “Gap” (with Ken) – 2015
  • “Honey Bee” (with f(x)’s Luna and Mamamoo’s Solar) – 2015

Dating Rumors of EXID’s Hani

JYJ’s Junsu and EXID’s Hani were confirmed to be dating on January 1st, 2016. Dispatch released photos of the 2 on dates and reported that Junsu and Hani had been dating for 6 months. The couple usually had dates in Junsu’s or his manager’s apartments. Junsu, who was drawn to Hani, is claimed to possess approached her first. Their friends say that he fell for her beauty inside and out as Hani is renowned to be one of every of the nicest girls within the music idol industry. it had been also said that the 2 are very different in personalities, as Hani may be a bit boyish and rowdy while Junsu is more sensitive and delicate.

They were photographed together at Han River on December 1 in Junsu’s Aston Martin 007. Junsu sat within the driver’s seat and Hani within the passenger seat. They were also spotted spending time together in October and November. Hani and Junsu reportedly also spent Dec 24 together, and Hani gave Junsu a Christmas gift. Hani revealed that she was so nervous, she took anxiety pills after the dating news broke.

Unfortunately, on September 13th, EXID’s agency Banana Culture told media outlets that the 2 had variables, though they couldn’t confirm the precise timing of their separation. It seems the 2 naturally went their separate ways due to their busy schedules.

After the news about the split, many netizens and viewers criticized Hani for being unprofessional by unreasonably crying on shows like Star King and Seoul Music Awards. Many noted that it absolutely was simply not the right timing for the singer to possess to look on television. As Hani still couldn’t control her emotions and was overly sensitive, many netizens told her to require a while to prepare her thoughts and rest.

Facts and Trivia About Hani

  • Hani features a pet cat named Fati.
  • Her brother Ahn Tae Hwan acted in Im Chang Jung’s new music video for the title track “Do you recognize That Person.” within the music video, he portrays a person who finds out that his lover is cheating on him. Despite this appearance being his first formal acting experience, viewers were impressed together with his anguished acting. He’s now officially an actor.
  • Her dad graduated from Sungkyunkwan University, and her mom from Yonsei University.
  • One of Hani’s nicknames is Ahn Burp because she always burps at the dining table.
  • Initially, Hani was imagined to be part of JYP Entertainment, but she claimed the corporate didn’t see any potential in her. She was trained to be in an exceedingly group with former SISTAR’s Hyolyn, former BESTIE’s Uji, and former SECRET’s Jieun. After she was let alone, she decided to check abroad in China, where she was considered to be a superb student.
  • While in secondary school, Hani took several tests testing her IQ, which showed her as having an IQ of more than 145.
  • She wanted to review and become a psychologist but turned to sing instead.
  • Her fancam video that made EXID famous has over 25 million views on YouTube (it’s the foremost viewed k-pop fancam of all time).
  • Hani had a pander to her mother: if EXID failed in three years, her mother would send her away to review (Up & Down was released three years after their debut).
  • Before the large hit Up & Down, Hani was accustomed eat ramen all day. She claimed there was nothing else to try to do because they didn’t have many schedules to attend to.
  • Together with Solji, she may be a part of Dasoni, a sub-unit of EXID.
  • Hani likes to read manhwa books and claims to own once read them for eight hours straight.
  • She likes to write down daily notes including what she ate, her weight, and mistakes her manager makes.
  • She encompasses a boyish and friendly character, but she is shy with strangers. She also doesn’t have lots of celebrity friends.
  • She likes to take a seat together with her legs open.
  • She is sort of athletic thanks to her competitiveness in sports.
  • During her childhood days, Hani liked to compete in triathlons in school, something that her mother also thought would make Hani more obedient. She was also a dedicated swimmer.
  • Hani has said she’s never had any rhytidectomy but considered doing her nose at one point before her mother was against it.
  • She includes a wide forehead, which is her complex.
  • She always curls her bangs in order that they don’t stick with her forehead.
  • Hani is that the second shortest member of EXID, after Hyerin.
  • Her hairdo changes frequently for each comeback with EXID.
  • She is allergic to hairy animals.
  • Her favorite color is turquoise.
  • Her favorite food is meat and marinated grilled beef intestines.
  • Her favorite fruit is melon.
  • Her motto: Amor fati.
  • Her fun club name is ‘L.E.G.O’.
  • Her shoe size is 24.0 cm.
  • Her model is Shinhwa.
  • Hani’s ideal type: Kang Ha Neul (stated on Master Key).

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