Norazo comeback with a new video!

Cover - Norazo comeback with a new video!

Norazo comeback with a new video! This news made Korean netizens excited and surprised! Are you expected to watch this?

South Korea’s probably most unusual duo is back again with another incredible piece of music and equally entertaining music video. Norazo has been a staple within the Korean music industry since 2005. Their recent release, “Shower” also proves that they’re still very relevant.

Pic 1 - Norazo comeback with a new video!

The music video of “Shower” builds upon an amalgam of quasi-instructional scenes of the way to keep one’s body clean and various psychedelic images and backgrounds. It dropped on YouTube on 17 July. The video and also the single came one year after their latest hit, “Cider”.

Norazo experienced a heavy change within the past two years, as original member Lee Hyuk left the band in February 2017 to pursue a solo career. Onehum (Won Heum) joined in August 2018, and fans eagerly anticipated how he would slot in with the unique concept. Thankfully, it appears that he was just the right person for the role within the band.

Although not an idol band, Norazo is well-loved for its unique concept, funny lyrics, outstanding outfits, further as cerebration in terms of visual imagery and theme representation.

Check out “Shower” below and provides them a thumbs up if you wish it:

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