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New Stills Of Song Ha Yoon Has Trouble Going Back To Her Normal Life In MBC’s “Please Don’t Date Him”

MBC’s “Please Don’t Date Him” released new stills of Song Ha Yoon!

“Please Don’t Date Him” is a romantic comedy that revolves around the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into daily life.

Song Ha Yoon takes the role of Seo Ji Sung, a programmer on the AI Smart Home Appliance Development team who does her best when it comes to both work and love. U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young plays Jung Kook Hee, a unique firefighter who doesn’t experience any discomfort from not owning a smartphone.

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In the first episode, Seo Ji Sung found out the true nature of her husband-to-be through the artificial intelligence program Cho Sang Shin. She became heartbroken when she learned that he took secret photos of her and shared them with his friends in a group chat.

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On November 16, the drama shared a glimpse of the upcoming episode. In the first photo, Seo Ji Sung is shedding tears at work. She had been dating her ex-fiancé for seven years, so she felt extremely betrayed when she found out what he was doing behind her back.

New Stills Of Song Ha Yoon
New Stills Of Song Ha Yoon in the drama

In the second photo, Seo Ji Sung is at the police station. Her expression is filled with shock and disgust, leading many to wonder if she came to the police to put her ex-fiancé behind bars. Will Seo Ji Sung be able to move on from this trauma? How will Cho Sang Shin help her with her future love life?

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New Stills Of Song Ha Yoon

The second episode will air on November 17 at 10:40 p.m. KST.

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