Netizens are reacting very positively and to the May edition of ‘Elle Magazine’ because of Gong Yoo

Netizens swoon over Gong Yoo as he adorns multiple covers for ‘Elle’ magazine

On April 14th, the magazine revealed the covers for their May edition featuring Gong Yoo. According to the fashion magazine, they captured candid moments where Gong Yoo was able to show off his natural charms.

As soon as the covers were revealed, netizens quickly shared them on various online communities and expressed how impressed they are with Gong Yoo’s youthful looks. They commented, “Wow….” “I’m speechless”, “He looks so young”, “He looks like he’s still in his 30s,” “Gong Yoo wearing a sleeveless shirt is just perfect”, and “I love his style.”

Gong Yoo

In the interview with Elle magazine, Gong Yoo revealed that he had recently wrapped up filming for the Netflix Original series, ‘The Sea of Tranquility.’ He explained, “It’s been less than a week or two since I finished filming. I still haven’t gotten out of character from the drama.”

When asked if the films and dramas affect his life, Gong Yoo replied by saying, “when I look at it objectively, I think the films that make me think deeply and contemplate are the movies that are dear to me. I want to project the character as naturally as possible. On top of that, I think the most natural way is to combine my characteristics and emotions with the character.”

Meanwhile, ‘Seobok’ starring Gong Yoo will be premiering on April 15th in theaters and CJ’s OTT service.


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