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Netizens Are Reacting Fervently To The Announcement Of Red Velvet’s Comeback

Netizens react to Red Velvet’s comeback announcement after Irene’s attitude controversy.

On November 21, CEO Lee Sung Soo of SM Entertainment officially announced that Red Velvet will be making a comeback soon. Following this announcement, netizens on community forums shared their reactions to the news, especially in light of Irene’s recent controversy.

Netizens react to Red Velvet's comeback announcement

In one post, a netizen shared regret how Lee Sung Soo had poorly used the expression “a bit of controversy” when referring to Red Velvet’s recent activities. The netizen highlighted the fact that “a bit” coming from the CEO’s perspective downplays the controversy, minimizing the distress that even the fans of Red Velvet had felt.

In another post concerning the actual comeback announcement, many netizens left comments expressing their disappointment. However, some noted that other celebrities who have “done worse deeds” have also not left their group. Meanwhile, almost everyone agreed that the other four members have received some type of damage from their image.

Some comments include:

“Wow, even after the controversy, she receives praise”

“What’s the fault of the other four members?”

“Please come back as four members”

“I can’t stand this.”

“‘A bit’ of controversy???”

“It’s too early to come back as five”

“Y’all, there are celebrities even from SM who have done worse deeds. Why are you all telling just Irene to leave the group??”

“I just feel bad for the other four, because the damage to their brand value was detrimental”

“Please. You are all telling Irene to apologize, but to whom is she supposed to apologize? To you all? No, she needs to sincerely apologize to the victims, if there were any.”

“I don’t care as long as I can at least see the four members…”

“I can’t go to sleep because I’m too pissed off”

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