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NCT 127 concert in Jakarta stopped midway due to fans pushing and fainting

NCT 127 concert in Jakarta of ends early after 30 fans pass out, and the event organizer apologizes. Check out the details right now!

Last night’s NCT 127 concert in Indonesia was subject to a number of security threats.

On November 4, NCT 127 performed the opening night of “Neo City: The Link” at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition in Jakarta.

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A bomb threat was made prior to the show, which might have been problematic, but thankfully the police properly searched the arena and found no signs of explosives or devices.

The night’s problems, however, continued. The event started off without any problems, but as the night went on, people in the standing section started to move closer to the stage. The NCT 127 members continuously pleaded with concertgoers to refrain from pushing and to take a step back after spotting the potentially dangerous situation developing in the standing section. In an effort to communicate with the audience, the group even stopped playing and turned down the music, with Doyoung stating, “Safety is what’s most essential. Let’s agree not to press too hard.

Sadly, despite their best attempts, the band was unable to control the crowd; as a result, they ultimately left the stage and abruptly halted the show out of fear for the audience’s safety. At least 30 people in the throng fainted and had to be transported to the hospital, according to the neighborhood police. The Jakarta concert’s organizer, Dyandra Global Edutainment, issued a public statement about the incident later that evening.

Their complete statement is as follows in English:

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