Nana Talks About How She Portrays Her “Into The Ring” Character, What’s Comming up in the 2nd Half of This Drama, and More

Nana will share her thoughts on playing the feisty character Goo Se Ra in this drama!

Goo Se Ra (Into the Ring)

The Wednesday-Thursday drama is an office rom-com about a woman named Goo Se Ra who gets involved in people’s problems, files complaints, comes up with solutions, and finds love at her local district office.

First, Nana talked about how she feels regarding viewers’ positive reactions to her acting. She said, “I worried a lot about how my character might seem unfamiliar and what I could do to portray Goo Se Ra more comfortably since she is a character that is completely different from what I’ve portrayed so far, and I talked to the director a lot while working on the drama. Thankfully, the viewers reacted well to the things that I wanted to express, so I am just very thankful.”

Nana (Into the ring)Nana continued, “In the future, I want to show viewers an enjoyable performance with the confidence of knowing that what I’m feeling is right, rather than having doubts like, ‘Am I doing well right now?’”

When asked whether she had any worries about taking on a character that requires her to let herself go, Nana responded, “I don’t believe that portraying Goo Se Ra is something that ruins my image, so I don’t have any worries about that.”

Nana mentioned that she always wants to be honest to what she feels when she is acting. She added, “In some scenes, I can appear like I’m ruining my image, but you can’t always be pretty when you are acting. It’s nice to look pretty on the screen, but I don’t try to do that.”

She then said, “I won’t have any worries about these things in the future too. This is me.”

Nana (Into the ring)Nana also talked about what she has learned while portraying her character. She said, “Goo Se Ra is a fresh, new character that we haven’t seen before. Every episode, I thought while reading the script, ‘It looks like I can express things like this as well.’ I want to learn to speak straightforwardly like Goo Se Ra does.”

On the topic of acting alongside Park Sung Hoon, Nana gave the chemistry between them a perfect rating. She revealed, “I think our coordination when we act is really great because we get along in many ways outside of acting. It’s so fun when we have a lot of ideas while we act and we discuss them, and we can’t stop laughing on set because we have the same sense of humor.”

Nana expressed her hope for people to remember her as simply Goo Se Ra from “Into the Ring” in the future and talked about what to look forward to in the last half of the drama as well.

“Goo Se Ra became a district representative and is taking care of civil complaints one by one even though she is not great at it, and she begins to crush on Gong Myung (played by Park Sung Hoon),” she said. “All your questions about what kind of district representative Goo Se Ra will become and what will become of her relationship with Gong Myung will be answered. If you tune into ‘Into the Ring’ until the end, you’ll be able to find out everything.”

Nana shared some final words to the viewers of “Into the Ring.” She said, “I will perform to the best of my ability until the end so that this drama can become a source of strength to those who are relating with Goo Se Ra and cheering her on.”

Into the ring“Into the Ring” airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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