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Nam Joo Hyuk Shares Deeply Conversation With Suzy In “Start-Up”

Nam Joo Hyuk takes good care of Suzy in new stills from the upcoming episode of tvN’s “Start-Up”. That makes this couple extremely beautiful!

“Start-Up”  takes place in a fictional South Korean version of Silicon Valley where young dreamers set out to achieve success in the world of startup companies. Suzy stars as Seo Dal Mi, an adventurer who dreams of becoming Korea’s Steve Jobs, while Nam Joo Hyuk plays the role of Samsan Tech founder Nam Do San.

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The previous episode left viewers with a cliffhanger as Seo Dal Mi approached Han Ji Pyung (Kim Seon Ho) at the place where she had traded letters with Nam Do San in the past. However, when she found out that Nam Do San had no idea about the location, she appeared to be on the verge of uncovering the secret of who had really been writing her letters.

The upcoming episode will delve into the crisis surrounding the three individuals. Having discovered the lies that were told to her, it remains to be seen how Seo Dal Mi will sort through her emotions for both Nam Do San, for who she currently has feelings, and Han Ji Pyung, with whom she had been unknowingly exchanging letters.

The new stills give viewers a glimpse of Seo Dal Mi’s struggles and Nam Do San’s continuous affection for her. When Seo Dal Mi has too much to drink, she falls asleep on Nam Do San’s shoulder. Looking away, he carefully supports her head with his hand.


In other stills, Nam Do San carries on a deep conversation with her, crouching in front of her with a tender expression. The final still shows Nam Do San sweetly carrying a tired Seo Dal Mi on his back. Viewers are curious to find out if the couple will be able to keep their love going strong after everything that has happened.

"Start-Up" "Start-Up" 

The next episode of “Start-Up” airs on November 16 at 9 p.m. KST. Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean Entertainment News with us every day!

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