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Today, Xenews will show My Roommate Is A Gumiho Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready!

My Roommate is a Gumiho is an endearing story about fate and the way we should always value our life, love, and dreams.

Gumiho is one of the famous mythical creatures from Korea. Lots of K-dramas with the story of this creature become successful. My Roommate is a Gumiho, is that the most up-to-date Kdrama about Gumiho that garners attention from every viewer. It gives us romantic and comedic scenes that are purely great.

  • Main Cast: Jang Ki Yong | Lee Hyeri | Kim Do Wan | Bae In Hyuk | Kang Han Na
  • Streaming site: iQiyi
  • Thrill/addictive meter: 4/5
  • Overall rating: 4/5
  • Rewatch value: 4/5
  • Similar drama/films: My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, Goblin; The Great And Lonely God, Tale Of The Nine-Tailed.

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My Roommate is a Gumiho Quick Plot Recap *Spoiler Alert

The story starts with Shin Woo-yeo, a 999 year’s old Gumiho who wishes to be a personality. He lives with this goal for several centuries. He puts his fox marble inside an individual’s in order that he can get their energy. this is often the sole way for him to measure and be a person.

Although he has magic and seems to possess immortal life. Woo-yeo feels so empty and lonely. in some unspecified time in the future he unexpectedly meets, Lee Dam. a school student who’s obsessive about chicken and beer.

Dam dreams to be a Museum Curator. She loves history and is extremely fascinated by it. She accidentally swallows the marble from Woo-yeo while tending to her drunk ally. Now, being the carrier of this marble, he has imposed plenty of conditions.

It’s very dangerous if the carrier didn’t make sure of the marble. Thus, Woo-yeo, asks Dam to maneuver in with him temporarily for the sake of the marble and her. At first, Dam is scared because she knows how dangerous being a gumiho is. However, Woo-yeo may be a very kind magical fox. He tries everything to stay Dam safe.

As time goes by, Dam and Woo-yeo grow closer. he’s always there for her and supports her with everything. However, Dam can only carry the marble for a year because she’s going to die if Woo-yeo wouldn’t ready to take it out from her.

However, he assures her that he will do everything for her to travel back to her normal life. Woo-yeo knows about Dam’s goals and he doesn’t want to require that dream from her.

Soon, their friendship grows into romance. Woo-yeo’s ex ends in an exceedingly tragic fate. So, he doesn’t know if he can love again. Dam teaches him that he can love again. However, fate has its way.

The Mountain God, another being with powers tie a red string of fate to Dam and Seon-woo. The latter is Dam’s senior who could be a playboy but learns to alter his way thanks to his love for Dam.

But with the red string of fate. The love of Dam and Woo-yeo is on the ledge. Nonetheless, they find the simplest way out of the complicated situation and even find the simplest way to form Woo-yeo a personality.

My Roommate is a Gumiho Peak Points

Love teaches us to value humanity

A lot of dramas with mythology because their main plot considers love as the declares everything that goes wrong or complicated. My Roommate could be a Gumiho is not any exception.

It is revealed within the story that for Woo-yeo to be a person, he must understand love and humanity. Dam teaches him about love and this love is that the reason why the marble suddenly turns blue on every occasion Woo-yeo shows care towards Dam. Love teaches him to hold back and learn the way to sacrifice some things to stay his loved ones safe and happy.

Another thing that Woo-yeo must learn is humanity. Since he’s a fox and not a person’s, being humane isn’t a problem for him. However, if a Gumiho wants to be a person’s, of course, he might want to contemplate being humane. Being humane isn’t just being kind to others. It’s having relationships with others, being compassionate towards others, and being kind-hearted.

Woo-yeo has lived for 999 years but he doesn’t have any family or friends. the sole friend he considers is Hye-sun. A gumiho-turned-human. But when he meets Dam, everything changes. He also considers her because the first a part of his family. So, thanks to this Woo-yeo quickly learn to possess humanity.

We are those to make our own destiny

Woo-yeo’s destiny as a gumiho includes a set destination. He will either be an individual’s or a dark spirit. He must do whatever he can to be a personality in 1000 years. Some gumihos like Hye-sun turn human during their 700 years. However, Woo-yeo is now on his 999 years but he’s still a gumiho. It’s risky because his days are counted.

But his destiny changes when he meets Dam. She saves him from possible danger. However, Dam’s fate also changes too. Their love for each other also affects their fate.

Lee Dam, however, is set to go against her fate and make her own and he or she was ready to lie with. it absolutely was a satisfying scene when their complicated fate turns into a more favorable thing for them.

This teaches us that we create our own fate and destiny. It’s not something that’s controlling us. We mustn’t be a gumiho to own power over our own destiny. We get to choose for ourselves and nobody or anything should stop us from choosing what’s right for us.

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My Roommate is a Gumiho Series Musing

This rom-com drama gave us lots of funny moments, memorable scenes, and romantic scenes. The character and their chemistry are so great. We can’t help but love Woo-yeo and Dam. Our second lead Seon-woo also gives viewers enough second-lead syndrome.

Other memorable characters are Jae-jin and Hye-sun. they’re a funny and adorable couple. Their chemistry also shines, that’s why we can’t help but admit that they’re coupled of goals.

Although most scenes are cliche, there are some unexpected scenes that we didn’t see coming. The plot and therefore the story has its own charm which is why it gains a large audience. The viewers love light drama like this. We saw some viewers even wanting a season 2 of this drama. It’s evidence that this drama is successful.

The ending is heartwarming and emotional. It’s a truly happy ending. lots of the viewers expect this since this can be a rom-com drama.

If you would like a feel-good drama, My Roommate could be a Gumiho is ideal for you.

An Enslaving Story That Endears

It’s easy to assume that the assembly team and cast of My Roommate may be a Gumiho were all high on gleeful mood while engaged in the series.

While I enjoyed the romantic line, I also had a good time with the friendship stories featured within the series. Like Dam to Jae-jin and Woo-yeo to Hye-sun. The latter is really one of my favorite K-Drama characters up to now this year.

Parading a special brand of wonderful, viewers easily gravitates because the drama gives a uniform “pay attention we’re visiting cause you to smile” feel each episode. The series followed the tried and tested structure of Korean romantic comedy. It kept the hook factor actively moving because the story evolved.

However, while sporting a pile of bliss within the character interactions and romance stories, the fantasy element wasn’t as deeply engrossing. But at the very least it didn’t drag the narrative to attain a satisfying closure.

Staying faithful to the core of the fantasy-romance genre, My Roommate is a Gumiho should be included on your K-Drama watch list this season

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