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Tom & Jerry: The Movie 2021 is an American animated film released in 2021 based on the character of the same name created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, produced by Warner Animation Group and distributed by Warner. Bros. Pictures. The work is directed by Tim Story co-produced as the operator, the script is penned by Kevin Costello.

**PLOT **

The movie tells about the mouse Jerry is staying at the Royal Hotel located in luxury New York City, which is about to hold a wedding for a famous couple. Because of the devastation of the mouse, the director assigned Kayla – the new employee to chase the mouse from the hotel. So she brought Tom – the three generations of mouse-catching family to the hotel to handle Jerry. Since then, the endless chase between two familiar characters has continued and brought great entertainment moments.

**MAIN CAST OF Tom & Jerry (2021)**

The film stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney and Ken Jeong taking on the character roles, Hanna, Mel Blanc and June Foray and Frank Welker in charge of voice acting. 2D cartoon character.


From the movie’s trailer, many viewers will feel like the movie is quite fake, unlike a live-action as usual. However, this filmmaking style is called Live-action / Animation Hybrid – a mix of 2D animation and live action. This editing technique has also appeared in a number of works such as Birds of Prey or Space Jam.

Tom & Jerry (2021) chose this filmmaking style because the 2D version of the character is too familiar to the audience, 2D modelling as the original version is considered a safe move, avoiding stone bricks from people. If the 3D adaptation fails, like the Sonic Hedgehog (2020). Besides, the 2D rendering process is also cost-effective and can create more humorous scenes.

Like the Tom & Jerry cartoons, the work focuses on entertainment, so the content of the film is quite simple, but many viewers believe that the funny details in the movie have not really left too much impression. It is also indispensable to the usual ridiculous details because this is an animated version of the adaptation anyway.

In addition to the typical entertainment, the movie Tom & Jerry: Messing up New York took viewers to visit the lavish hotel in New York, and through the battle of the cat and mouse, the promotion of friendship, neutrality. In fact and especially forgiveness is focused, ignoring hostility and peaceful coexistence, good things will come.

Overall, Tom & Jerry: Messing New York is a not-so-great live-action work, but still has an emphasis on entertainment, nostalgia and the elements needed to engage audiences. If you are a loyal fan of the cartoon series Tom & Jerry, this is a work not to be missed.


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