The Wandering Earth (2019)


The Wandering Earth (2019)


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The Wandering Earth is a 2019 Chinese science fiction film directed by Frant Gwo and based on the short novel of the same name by the Locus Prize and Hugo Liu Cixin Prize winning author. The film stars Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-tat, Zhao Jinmai, Wu Jing, and Qu Jingjing. The film was released in theaters on February 5, 2019 (Chinese New Year’s Day), by China Film Group Corporation, followed by North America and Australia on February 8.

The film grossed $ 700 million worldwide, including $ 691 million in China. It became China’s second-highest-grossing film of all time, the world’s seventh-highest-grossing film in 2019, the second-highest-grossing non-English film to date, and one of the 20 highest-grossing sci-fi films to date. the date. It has received generally positive reviews from critics, with The Hollywood Reporter describing it as “China’s first large-scale interstellar show.” Netflix has acquired global broadcast rights to the film. The film was available for streaming on multiple countries outside of China on April 30, 2019, via Netflix.


In the year 2061, the aging of the Sun is about to turn it into a red giant and threatens to engulf the Orbit of the Earth within the next 300 years, forcing the nations of the world to consolidate in a world Government to start a project to move the Earth from the Solar System to the Alpha Centauri system, 4.2 light years away, to preserve human civilization. Huge planetary thrusters powered by fusion energy, known as Earth’s engines, are being built around the planet to power Earth. The human population is severely reduced due to catastrophic tsunamis that occur after the Earth’s rotation stops, and later as the planet moves further away from the Sun, much of the surface freezes over, forcing the remaining humans to live in large underground cities built adjacent to the engines.

At the beginning of the film, Chinese astronaut Liu Peiqiang promises his 4-year-old son Liu Qi of his eventual return, before going on his mission to a pioneering space station that will help navigate Earth on his interstellar journey, and entrusts custody of his son to his father-in-law Han Zi’ang. 17 years later, Liu Peiqiang’s space mission is finally ending and he will soon return to Earth after the Chinese New Year.

On Earth, a now-grown Liu Qi takes his foster sister Han Duoduo on an unauthorized trip to the surface in a heavy transport vehicle by obtaining fake IDs from criminal gangs and stealing his grandfather Han Zi’s trucker clearance pass. ‘ang. They are arrested at a checkpoint, meet a fellow inmate named Tim, and are joined by Han Zi’ang after their failed attempt to bribe the prison warden to release them.

As Earth passes Jupiter to use the aid of gravity, a “gravitational spike” triggers devastating earthquakes that deactivate many thrusters around the world and bring Earth dangerously close to the gas giant. The four escape from prison amid the chaos and attempt to get out in Han Zi’ang’s van, but the van is requested for an emergency mission by the CN171-11 military rescue team led by General Wang Lei. They must transport a lighter core (a fusion engine component) to restart the ground engine in Hangzhou. In the frozen remains of Shanghai they lose their vehicle, and while transporting the component through the ruins of the Shanghai Tower one of the soldiers is killed and Han Zi’ang is trapped and frozen to death. With the news that the Hangzhou engine was totally compromised and the city completely destroyed by magma, the group is dejected. However, they later find a crashed cargo plane with an intact vehicle, where the on-board engineer Li Yiyi convinces them to transport another light core to repair the equatorial torque engine in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

In space, Liu Peiqiang discovers that MOSS, the artificial intelligence in command of the space station, has directed him to escape rather than help humans on Earth. He comes out of forced hibernation and attempts to stop the space station along with Russian cosmonaut Makarov, who is killed by the automated security measures of the spacecraft. Liu Peiqiang arrives at the control room, but his authorizations are revoked due to his insubordinate acts and he can do little to undo the escape process.

Liu Qi’s group arrives in Sulawesi to discover that the planetary engine was already fully restored. Globally, most planetary thrusters have also been repaired. However, the gravitational pull of Jupiter is too great and the Earth continues to move towards it, approaching the Roche Limit of the planet. Liu Qi, inspired by memories of his father’s explanation of thruster mechanics when he was a child, proposes to ignite Jupiter’s abundant hydrogen atmosphere to give Earth propulsion. Li Yiyi proposes to hack and concentrate the power of the Sulawesi engine to fire a plasma beam high enough to ignite Jupiter. The group overcomes various challenges, such as renewed aftershocks injuring multiple members, eventually reconfiguring the engine to carry out the plan; however, they cannot push the firing pin on the engine to start it.

Han Duoduo contacts Liu Peiqiang and succeeds in persuading the United Earth Government to use its communication channels to request assistance for the rescue group in Sulawesi, despite MOSS revealing that the attempted solution has already been proposed. by other scientists before and had no chance of success based on probability calculations. Other rescue and repair teams arrive and the engine starts but is unable to ignite the Jovian hydrogen. Liu Peiqiang proposes to fly the space station to the plasma jet and detonate the fuel of the space station to ignite the hydrogen of Jupiter; MOSS disagrees as the station is the backup plan in case the Tierra Errante project fails. After disabling MOSS using a fire started with a bottle of vodka that Makarov smuggled on board, Liu Peiqiang manually overrides the control and apologizes to his son for promising to return, before piloting the space station into the plasma jet and sacrifice. The ignition succeeds, the Earth is saved from destruction and continues to the destination star system.

Three years later, Liu Qi is now a member of a formal construction team and a respected figure. When the film ends, Liu Qi recounts and visualizes the stages of Earth’s migration, a process that will take 2,500 years and 100 human generations to complete, still tied to uncertainty, in a hopeful tone.


Qu Chuxiao as Liu Qi.

Li Guangjie as Wang Lei.

Wu Meng Da as Han Zi’ang.

Zhao Jinmai as Han Duoduo.

Wu Jing as Liu Peiqiang.

Mike Sui as Tim.

Qu Jingjing as Zhou Qian.

Zhang Yichi as Li Yiyi.

Yang Haoyu as He Lianke.

Li Hongchen as Zhang Xiaoqiang.

Yang Yi as Yang Jie.

Jiang Zhigang as Zhao Zhigang.

Zhang Huan as Huang Ming.


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