So Young (2013)


So Young (2013)


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Zhao Wei
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So Young (Chinese: 致 我们 终将) is the 2013 feature film debut by female director and actress Zhao Wei. The film is based on the best-selling novel Send Our Past Youth (Do you like America?) by writer Tan Di O.


Zheng Wei starts college as a civil engineering major to be in the same city as her childhood playmate, Lin Jing, whom she is determined to marry one day. When Wei visits Jing at his dormitory, however, she is told that Jing left for America. Unable to understand why Jing left so abruptly, Wei is confused and heartbroken. Back in her own dormitory, Wei becomes close friends with her three roommates: Ruan Guan, the most beautiful and popular girl in the class; Li Weijuan, a realistic girl who comes from a poor town but is determined to marry well; and Zhu Xiaobei, a tomboy. The four girls talk about their goals in life and all cheer to Ruan Guan’s ambition—to have a youth that never fades away.

Wei is befriended by architecture majors Lao Zhang and his roommate Xu Kaiyang. Kaiyang comes from a well-to-do family and pursues Wei romantically, but Wei only regards him as a friend. One evening Wei goes to Lao Zhang and Kaiyang’s dorm room to borrow a DVD. Wei is disgusted by the messy condition of the male dorm room, except for one bed that is neat and clean, which Lao Zhang says belongs to their roommate Chen Xiaozheng. Wei sees a building model on the table and fumbles with the parts. At this moment Xiaozheng comes back and yells out, “What are you doing?” Startled, Wei knocks the model off the table. Xiaozheng manages to save his model by shoving Wei out of the way, who falls in a mess on the floor.

Enraged in humiliation, Wei angrily demands an apology from Xiaozheng, but Xiaozheng coolly replies that he has nothing to apologize for and that it was her fault for touching his model. From this moment, Wei is determined to repeatedly humiliate and pester Xiaozheng until she gets her apology. Through her attempts, Wei comes to the realization that she likes Xiaozheng. From Lao Zhang and Weijuan, Wei learns that Xiaozheng comes from a poor family and was raised by a strict mother, hence his disciplined personality. Wei declares her interest in Xiaozheng, and then relentlessly stalks Xiaozheng to get his attention, much to his annoyance. Eventually, Xiaozheng finds himself to like Wei too, and the two start dating.

During the rest of their college life and relationship, Xiaozheng and Wei find that they have starkly contrasting personalities. Although he appreciates Wei’s enthusiastic personality, Xiaozheng also reprimands Wei at times for her laid-back and undisciplined attitude towards her coursework. Wei asks Xiaozheng why he is always so serious about everything. Xiaozheng replies, “My life is like a building that can only be built once, so I cannot afford any margin of error, not even a centimeter’s width.” Due to his family’s modest financial circumstances, Xiaozheng feels that he needed to do everything he can to ensure the best possible professional future for himself.

Eventually graduation comes upon Wei and Xiaozheng. At the on-campus recruitment and interview fair, Wei hopes she and Xiaozheng can work at the same company and thus remain together. Unbeknownst to Wei, Xiaozheng had applied to and obtained a graduate fellowship to study architecture in America. When Wei finally learns of his plan, she confronts Xiaozheng to ask why she was the last one to know. Xiaozheng explains that he could not tell her because he was afraid of hurting her and reiterates that he could not make any mistake in his life, so he had to make the choice to leave her to make a better future for himself.

A few years later, Wei has become a mature professional who excels in her work, much different from her bygone youthful days. One day she suddenly encounters Lin Jing. Jing explains that he left abruptly then because he learned his father was having an affair with Wei’s mother, so he could not face Wei. He never went to America, but avoided contact with Wei. The one time when he saw Wei on at her campus, she was happy with Xiaozheng. Now, however, he wants to come back and rekindle their friendship and romance. At the same time, Xiaozheng has also returned from America as an accomplished architect. Though he has everything professionally that he was determined to get, Xiaozheng finds his life to be empty. He deeply regrets letting go of Wei, realizing that his time with her was the only time he could be his true self, and thus he also wants to rekindle their relationship. However, Wei on their first meeting firmly rejects Xiaocheng. Not long afterward, Ruan Guan is killed in a car accident when trying to meet her university boyfriend one last time before she marries another man. Wei, in grief, asks Lin Jing to marry her. However, she later calls it off when Lin Jing tells Wei about another girl that loved him during their time apart. Afterwards, Xiaocheng and Wei meet once more at the aquarium to reminisce. There Xiaozheng asks Wei, “Can I start over, and love you again?” to which Wei replies, “Xiaozheng, we spent our youth together, we owe each other nothing… youth is something you can only relive in memory.”


Yang Zishan as Zheng Wei
Mark Chao as Chen Xiaozheng
Han Geng as Lin Jing
Jiang Shuying as Ruan Guan
Bao Bei’er as Zhang
Zheng Kai as Xu Kaiyang
Zhang Yao as Li Weijuan
Tong Liya as Shi Jie
Liu Yase as Zhu Xiaobei
Wang Jiajia as Zeng Shu
Huang Ming as Zhao Shiyong
Pan Hong as Chen’s mother
Yang Lan as Yang Lan
Han Hong as DJ Zi Juan
Wang Sen as Wang Yaming

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