Never Back Down No Surrender (2016)


Never Back Down No Surrender (2016)


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Never Back Down – No Surrender is a 2016 US film, directed by Michael Jai White, written by Chris Hauty and Jai White, produced by Craig Baumgarten and starring Jai White, Josh Barnett, Gillian White, Steven Quardos, Nathan Jones and Esai Morales. It is the sequel to Never Back Down – Lethal Combat, and was released on DVD on June 7, 2016. In No Surrender, which picks up two years after the events of the second film, former MMA champion Case Walker is on his way back to becoming champion again.


– Two years after rejoining the professional MMA circuit, Case Walker comes out again, tired of that world, starting to compete in amateur matches with the aim of teaching his opponents how to best use their fighting skills. At the conclusion of one such meeting, held in Beaumont, Texas, Case meets his old friend and MMA fighter Brody James, who asks Case to help prepare him for the fight with Caesar Braga for the title of PFC champion in Bangkok. in Thailand. Case, reluctantly, is convinced by his friend and goes with him to Thailand.

– At Top Fight Gym, however, Case is opposed by coach Matty Ramos, coach of both Brody and the younger and more arrogant Cobra O’Connor, who never misses an opportunity to ridicule Case’s “old school” training, to the point of challenging him. openly in a training match. At the end of the sparring, Cobra will be sent to the hospital after being knocked out by the “old” Case, causing Brody’s hilarity. The skill and skill shown led Case to become mentor of the young fighters Taj and Creech and to attract the attention of both the PFC Marketing Director, Myca Cruz, and Hugo Vega, PFC boss, a man tied to the past. of the same Case.

– Myca’s interest in the wrestler leads her to invite him on a date that Case attends until the girl makes him uncomfortable by asking him questions about his time in prison, forcing the man to finish dinner. However, this event is noticed by Matty, who decides to use it to his advantage to turn Brody against Case. When the two clash in a training match, the tones rise and Case responds to his friend’s blows in an unexpected way for him too, seeming to end their long friendship. Meanwhile, Brody is persuaded by Vega to use steroids to improve his preparation in view of the clash with Braga, on the outcome of which the boss intends to make money. However, Brody’s actions are discovered by Case, who, after a dinner, manages to make peace with his friend and put him back on the right path. Brody intervenes directly with Matty to allow Case to be able to work in synergy with the coach and better prepare for the meeting with the giant Braga. However, after seeing amateur footage of when Case, in America, took on and KO’d two racist cops, they persuade Vega to pay Sabo’s fighter, Boris, to intentionally injure Brody’s knee, in order to allow Case to replace him. , offering him a million dollars. When, preparing for the match, Case is accused by his disciple Taj of being a sellout, the former champion’s suspicions become more acute, later finding confirmation of Vega’s plot when in Boris’s locker he finds a message bearing the words “Done “. Case thus understands that he has been framed and decides that if he has to fight, then he will do it to unmask both Braga and Vega, the latter intent on bulging his pockets through clandestine bets on the outcome of the match, and prove who was the real advocate. of Brody’s injury.

– On the night of the meeting, Myca announces her farewell to Vega from the PFC, while Case figures out how she can stop Vega’s trafficking. Thus began a fight with Braga outside the ring and his rules, leading the giant to fight with his bare hands, just what Case wanted. Using his superior Karate technique, Case seriously injures Braga, knocking him out. When Vega threatens legal action against his fighter, Case replies that he has evidence of his collusion in his friend Brody’s injury and that the subpoena could cost him millions of dollars, not counting the money needed to repay the spectators of the match as soon as finished. aware of the defeat, Vega leaves the building full of anger, while Case, Myca, Brody and their staff leave the building aware of their victory.


**_Michael Jai White_**: Case Walker

**_Josh Barnett_**: Brody James

**_Gillian White_**: Myca Cruz

**_Stephen Quadros_**: Matty Ramos

**_Nathan Jones:_** Caesar Braga

**_Esai Morales_**: Hugo Vega

**_Tony Jaa_**: Se stesso


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