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Nemesis (2020)


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Nemesis (2020) Infor
* Movie: [Nemesis](
* Country: Thailand
* Release Date: Mar 5, 2020
* Duration: 1 hr. 22 min.
* Native Title: [คืนยุติ-ธรรม](
* Also Known As: คืนยุติธรรม
* Genres: Action, Thriller
* A former psychiatric patient seeks vengeance and aims to take down a gang of underworld criminals after a tragic accident sees his beloved family killed
Nemesis (2020) plot
After getting out of prison, he meets “Kanda” (Pupe Ramawadee Nakchat), a young psychiatrist who volunteers to heal his mental illness. But then, over time, she discovered Manop, another person she didn’t know. who rose up to be a vigilante, demanding justice for society with violence every night As the night progressed, the violence escalated into bloodshed. and lead to the mystery behind all the events
After the movie Namaste India Sent Krian to study Buddhism in 2012, as an indie film producer, director Kanpawit Phuwadolwisit, did not have any work in the cinema for another 8 years before returning in a reversal style from Sai Sawang to Na Na Noir. Damem in the movie demanding justice like a Thai anti-hero in Night-Justice
What I have to say after watching this is The leather smells of P’ Oui Nonsee Nimibutr, who is a producer of the film quite a bit. especially the intensity of drama and thriller The more the matter of using mental illnesses as a clue to expand the matter to have significant deductions as well Still, the overall production feels that the film has a quality that oscillates between standard theatrical and television productions, which may be a disadvantage of the film. where some people rely on CG and can’t create realism Some scenes look like clearly artificial sets. While some scenes were done well and almost very well, the songs were a lot over the top in some scenes. As if to help with all his might to keep various scenes interesting throughout the story as if afraid that the audience would be bored.

And the most likely improvement is probably the editing of the first part of the movie, which is quite obvious that it takes a lot to defuse and cheat the storytelling in many layers to make it easier for viewers to understand from the beginning. Both the use of the message that this is a flashback to the events of the killing of many bodies in one night, which is known as the Night Yut-Dharma , must also tell the different layers that have been cut alternately at the same time. The whole incident of Night Yut-Dharma/ The incident that put Manop in jail/ The story before Dr. Kanda came to heal Manop/ The story of Doctor Kanda who gave information to the investigators after the Night Yut-Dhamma case.

The movie is multi-layered and tries to surprise the audience with the hidden information. Until making the narrative that should be clear, at least separate different moments with images or cinematic techniques It turned out to be too difficult and the audience had to work together to help the filmmakers quite a bit. But it’s just heavy at the beginning that we’re still confused about how it’s told. Once the story is captured at this point, it won’t be much of a problem.

Coming to some things to appreciate First of all, it would be daring to present a dramatic thriller. By capturing the issues of injustice that are familiar in the news to create a new and interesting mix. should be able to see Create new areas for the Thai film industry to solve some greasy And continued to be appreciated is writing a script that cares about trying to have more tricks than hitting the house in the head. Here, I would like to appreciate the careful effort in writing the script. In which new Thai movies are starting to pay more attention to this point. The era of the movie is over Take the lead actor and the script will be anything. Having said that, this movie doesn’t look down on the audience , it’s probably the most accurate (but that doesn’t mean the script is excellent).

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