My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer (2019)


My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer (2019)


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**About the movie **My Girlfriend is a Serial Killer (2019)
Kurosu is a depressed young man who tries to end his life by hanging from a hook on the wall. The hook breaks loose, and his failed suicide attempt leaves a hole in the wall. This hole becomes a peephole to the neighboring apartment, and Kurosu discovers that it is inhabited by a beautiful young woman. A love story has begun.

The problem is that this woman, whose name is Miyaichi, has some quirks that are difficult to overlook. Through the peephole, Kurosu witnesses her brutally killing a random man. Kurosu screams and gets caught staring at her through the hole. He sees this as the perfect time to confess his love to this murderess, and they start dating. The love story continues.

As it turns out, Miyaichi is not only a killer but a serial killer. Dressed in a transparent raincoat, Miyaichi kills random people, and we get a nice montage of lots and lots of throat-slicing and CGI blood. Kurosu is desperately trying to make this relationship work (for some reason), but it is of course challenging when his girlfriend is in the constant mood for killing and it’s not certain that he will be spared.

Funny concept aside, it is a bit flimsy and superficial that relies solely on twisted comedy. It’s highly well-produced but too hollow to uphold the enticement.
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