My Country, My Parents 2021


My Country, My Parents 2021


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Directed By

Zhang Zi Yi
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    Sep 30, 2021

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    2 hr. 36 min.

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My Country, My Parents (Chinese: 我和我的父辈) is the 2021 Chinese Anthology 4th Division, which consists of fourth segments supervised by four directors, Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Xu Zheng, and Shen Teng. It is a drama movie of composition. The four directors also appear in their respective stories, each covering a different genre, set in a variety of eras, from the Sino-Japanese War of 1942 to the future world of 2050. The film marks the third installment in a series celebrating the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949, with two prequels released in 2019 and 2020, My People, My Country and My People, My Homeland. there is. The film was released in China on September 30, 2021 to commemorate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.


National Day Celebration Trilogy 3rd. It focuses on four Chinese families of four different eras, My People, My Homeland (2019) and My People, My Homeland (2020). From a “home” and “country” perspective, it is combined with four stories depicting the dedication and sacrifice of several generations of our predecessors. The whole movie brings the audience back to the collective memories of our country, and the common and great parental affection between generations.


Windriders (directed by Wu Jing)

Wu Jing as Ma Renxing, commander of Jizhong Cavalry Regiment.
Leo Wu as Ma Chengfeng, Ma Renxing’s son, soldier of Jizhong Cavalry Regiment.
Zhang Tian’ai as Da Chunzi
Li Guangjie as Wang Nairong
Vision Wei as Huang Rui
Yu Ailei as Song Futing
Lu Chang’en as a veteran
Zhang Hengrui as Lü Bu
Jiang Shui as Lao Rangzi
Baina Risu as Shan Houzi

Poem (directed by Zhang Ziyi)

Zhang Ziyi as Yu Kaiying, mother, gunpowder sculptor.
Huang Xuan as Shi Ruhong, father, rocket engine designer who meets his death in the line of duty.
Chen Daoming as the elder brother (adult).
Yuan Jinhui as the elder brother.
Hai Qing as the younger sister (adult), astronaut.
Ren Sinuo as the younger sister.
Li Naiwen as Zhang Xiaoping
Peng Yuchang as the assistant.
Geng Le as the chief engineer.
Du Jiang as the natural father who also meets his death in the line of duty.

AD MAN (directed by Xu Zheng)

Xu Zheng as Zhao Pingyang, director of Sales Department of Shanghai No. 2 Traditional Chinese Medicine Factory.
Song Jia as Han Jingya, wife of Zhao Pingyang.
Zu Feng as Zhao Xiaodong
Han Haolin as younger Zhao Xiaodong
Oho Ou as Xiao Ma, writer and director.
Tao Hong as Teacher Qian
Zhang Guoqiang as head of Shanghai No. 2 Traditional Chinese Medicine Factory.
Fan Yujie as Xiao Mei
Ni Hongjie as Su Ting, Xiao Mei’s mother.
Jiao Shengxiang as Xiao Pang
Jia Bing as father of Xiao Pang
Zhang Yuqi as mother of Xiao Pang
Ning Li as Master Feng
Sha Yi
Hu Ke
Zhang Jianya as Grandpa Jiang
Zhang Zhihua as Grandma Jiang
Ma Shuliang as doctor
Cao Kefan as director of TV station
Wan Qian as shop employee
Zhang Yimou as head of TV station

Go Youth (directed by Shen Teng)

Shen Teng as Xing Yihao, bionic robot.
Wu Yuhan as Xiao Xiao
Hong Lie as younger Xiao Xiao, primary school boy.
Ma Li as Ma Daiyu, Xiao Xiao’s mother.
Chang Yuan as 4S Store Manager
Allen as father of Wang Mingtu
Lamu Yangzi as teacher of Xiao Xiao
Zhang Xiaofei
Li Xuejian as an old scientist


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