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Location (2020)


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Location (2020) Information
* Movie: [Location](https://xemovie.com/movies/location-2020/watch)
* Country: Thailand
* Release Date: Oct 10, 2020
* Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.
* Content Rating: G – All Ages
* Native Title: [บ้านติดกัน](https://xemovie.com/movies/location-2020/watch)
* Also Known As: Locationบ้านติดกัน , บ้านติดกัน , Location The Movie , Location , Location the series
* Genres: Romance, Youth, Drama
* Earth is a high school boy who working on a path that is chaotic and confusing and so silently holds grievances in his heart. But when a young boy moves next to Earth’s house, Earth’s life slowly begins to change. This is a story of how the two boys get closer and help each other grow, showing that the soft changes in life can be found in the location that’s just next to each other’s house.
Location (2020) Plot and Thoughts
* Simple but cute: Although it had a pretty cliché plot I ended up giving it an 8.5 because I was pretty impressed. I had low expectations but the acting was great, the chemistry was good, the quality was good, it was all fairly decent. Often with movies with unknown newbie actors the acting feels fake or awkward or forced, but these two did an excellent job I barely sensed any of that. They had me convinced they were in love. Overall pretty simple but sooo cute. A nice feel good to watch when you’re stressed and want to cheer up. Left me with a smile on my face for sure.
* Just doit! Go head and watch. I know it has a lot of young actors and hasn’t generated a lot of buzz but this little production is worth your time. The production values are right up there with the quality that he have come to expect from Thai BL. The young cast delivers big time. The chemistry almost sparkles. These three young men really light up the story line. The story is simple and straightforward with out the outlandish twists and turns that are starting to show up in other Thai BL series. I can believe the story and mainly I can believe how the cast presents it to me. So invest the time. You should have plenty of it. Covid right? My only regret is that I can’t have one or all three of gorgeous these young men for my very own.
* Cute underrated fluff. I wasn’t expecting much from a movie with 5 actors, and a totally new (to me) cast -but boy was i not disappointed.
Yeah, its not a super special theme, but it was done soo cutely and adorably i can’t hate it. It really is worth the watch. It’s so wholesome, cute, uplifting and without unnecessary drama. You should watch this if you’re feeling kinda down- it’s instant mood boost. ^^ My cheeks hurt from the constant smile i had on my face. The chemistry between the leads is very nice and natural. There were no awkwardly long stares, or pauses in the speech. The kissing scenes were an added bonus. It’s really believable Earth and Sun are in love. Also i love that their names match. ^^i LOVED the second love interest, Mog, and the maturity after rejection. A breath of fresh air, honestly. He proved that you can be heartbroken without resorting to being a complete dick and psychopath, and trying to ruin others lives. He deserves an award for being a great friend.
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