Extraction (2015)


Extraction (2015)


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Extraction is a 2015 American action thriller film directed by Steven C. Miller and written by Umair Aleem. The film stars Kellan Lutz, Bruce Willis, Gina Carano, D. B. Sweeney, Dan Bilzerian, and Steve Coulter. The film premiered on December 18, 2015


In 2005, undercover CIA agent Leonard Turner (Bruce Willis) was arrested and interrogated by an unknown Russian arms dealer group. His interrogators learned of Leonard’s true identity and requested a complete list of CIA-affiliated individuals and businesses in exchange for the safety of his wife and son. Leonard escapes from confinement and kills his interrogators, calling colleague Ken Robertson (D. B. Sweeney) to bring his family to safety. Leonard’s wife, Kate, was shot dead by the people involved in the interrogation, while his teenage son, Harry (Nathan Varnson) hesitantly shot the house invaders before being rescued by Robertson.
In 2015, an adult Harry (Kellan Lutz) joined the CIA branch in Prague under Robertson’s direction in the face of Leonard’s protests. While working as an analyst, Harry undergoes numerous field-agent training sessions to get continually rejected by Leonard behind the scenes.
Meanwhile, Leonard is given the secret task of restoring an item called The Condor, a mobile computer capable of hacking entire global telecommunications infrastructure that can only be disabled. with a physical key. While Leonard tries to restore the device in Newark, New Jersey, he is ambushed and captured by arms dealer Drake Chivu (Joshua Mickel).
C.I.A. Director Theodore Sitterson (Steve Coulter) was asked to speed up during recent development and assigned field agent Victoria Phair (Gina Carano) to reinstate The Condor while stopping Harry from the investigation. Too angry, Harry escaped the security escort team led by Higgins (Dan Bilzerian) and flew to Newark to investigate Drake’s associates.
Harry’s first visit was to a bicycle bar famous for its business partnership with Drake. After inciting a fight and interrogating his patrons, Harry learns that Drake’s brother is the chief mechanic at a local garage. Harry also met Phair, having previously broken up in a romantic relationship because of the bad things in their training. Harry only agrees to return after helping her recover Condor and after saving Leonard. After questioning Drake’s brother, Harry and Phair learn that Drake is hosting a party in a local nightclub. Enlist Phair’s roommate, Kris (Lydia Hull), Harry and Phair enter the nightclub. Meanwhile, Sitterson reviews Leonard’s video-recorded ransom and prepares to deploy an assassin on suspicions of Harry’s treasonous behavior, which dismayed Robertson. The assassin ambushes Harry in the nightclub restroom while Drake captures Phair.
Staying in touch with their intercom, Phair gives Harry a clue while he and Kris try to locate Drake’s car. Their final destination leads them to an abandoned factory, where Harry is reassured by Drake himself before reuniting with Leonard. Harry regains consciousness and reunites with his father, only to find himself questioned by people who know Harry’s whereabouts. Harry only confided that he had told Robertson of his last known position, with Leonard’s consent. At this point, Leonard revealed to his son that he was cheating and allied with Drake to lure people interested in recovering Condor, as well as the culprit and the CIA mole responsible for his death. Kate. In the business deal, Leonard demonstrated Condor’s capabilities by sabotaging China’s electronic infrastructure before overtaking Russian customers. Russian customers were revealed to be responsible for purchasing Leonard’s personal information and ordering Kate’s death, while Leonard let Harry shoot the Russian ring man.
After seeming loose ends, Robertson and Higgins intercept the Turners, with Robertson revealing himself and Sitterson as the ones responsible for Leonard’s cover-up, and also responsible for the recent assassination of Harry. Robertson shot Leonard in the stomach. Phair escaped captivity and shot Drake’s henchmen while Higgins engaged Drake in a duel. Harry engaged in a car chase with Robertson and severely injured him in a car crash. Immediately after Condor’s recovery, Harry destroys the device with an assault rifle to prevent it from falling into enemy hands and mourns his father’s death before leaving the scene with Higgins, Phair, and Kris.
During the ensuing time, Harry made a phone call to Phair to mend their romance before killing Drake with a car bomb.


Kellan Lutz as Harry Turner

Bruce Willis as Leonard Turner

Gina Carano as Victoria Phair

D. B. Sweeney as Ken Robertson

Dan Bilzerian as Higgins

Steve Coulter as Theodore Sitterson


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