Be Somebody 2021


Be Somebody 2021


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Directed By

Liu Xunzimo
  • Publish in

    Nov 11, 2021

  • Duration

    123 min

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Be Somebody (Chinese: 扬名立万) is a 2021 Chinese comedy mystery film directed by Liuxun Zimo and produced by Han Han. The film stars Yin Zheng, Deng Jiajia, Yu Entai, Yang Haoyu, Zhang Benyu, and Ke Da. The film follows the story of a group of frustrated filmmakers who gather to plan on a new film about a notorious criminal case. The film premiered in China on 11 November 2021.


During the Republican era, a group of frustrated filmmakers gathered to make a film from a huge event that once rocked the city of Shanghai, hoping that it would create a great sensation and become famous. But they never expected that the “murderer” was in the midst of them and the truth behind the incident was far stranger than the plot of their fictional movie.


Cast  Yin Zheng as Li Jiahui

Yin Zheng as Li Jiahui

Deng Jiajia as Su Mengdie

Yu Entai as Zheng Qianli

Yang Haoyu as Guan Jingnian

Zhang Benyu as Qi Leshan

Ke Da as Chen Xiaoda

Chen Minghao as Lu Ziye

Qin Xiaoxian as Da Hai

Deng Enxi as Ye Ying

Yu Ailei as Man in black

Bai Ke as worker

Winston Chao as boss

Box office

Be Somebody earned a total of $46.93 million (¥300 million) in the first nine days after its release. Only on November 27, box office revenue exceeded 78.22 million (¥500 million). As of November 27, the total revenue of the movie reached $78.22 million (500 million yuan). As of January 30, 2022, the film’s total revenue is $ 145.7 million(927 million CNY).

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