Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon furiously hunt for the predator in “Mouse”

“Mouse” is about an innocent and upright police officer named Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) and a hardened detective named Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) who believes in nothing but revenge against the serial killer who murdered his parents. The two team up to track down an evil psychopathic predator.

In the new stills, Jung Ba Reum and Go Moo Chi are searching in an alley to find the truth about the attack on Oh Bong Yi (Park Ju Hyun)’s grandmother (Kim Young Ok). Jung Ba Reum appears to have suffered a major injury in the accident in the previous episode, and so he’s using crutches to limp around. The look in his eyes conveys burning anger rarely seen from the young rookie. Go Moo Chi glances at Jung Ba Reum now and then, appearing worried about him, which makes it clear that the partners have become closer.

“Mouse” “Mouse”

It’s described that the two actors enthusiastically rehearsed for the scene without paying attention to the cold. Lee Seung Gi dealt with the discomfort of using the crutches and cast even during rehearsals so that he could make his movements look more natural. Concerned that Lee Seung Gi might be uncomfortable, Lee Hee Joon was sure to help him, and they showed off their teamwork.



In the previous episode of the show, Jung Ba Reum and Go Moo Chi discovered the bloody uniform of prison guard Na Chi Kook (Lee Seo Joon) on the roof of the detention center’s chapel, and they were once again shocked by the predator’s shocking provocative actions. Meanwhile, Oh Bong Yi’s grandmother found photos of the victims displayed in Sung Yo Han (Kwon Hwa Woon)’s basement, and he hunted her down. When Jung Ba Reum came to the scene to help her, he was hit by a car. As he lay on the ground, he caught a glimpse of Sung Yo Han’s face while the man looked down at him. Fans are curious to find out if Jung Ba Reum and Go Moo Chi will be able to find out the real identity of Sung Yo Han, who appears to have a deep connection to the attacks on Na Chi Kook and Oh Bong Yi’s grandmother.

The production team stated, “With each episode’s unexpected twists, ‘Mouse’ has been getting viewers to put on their detective hats, and this episode is no different, as it will tell a story that defies expectations.” They added, “Please look forward to episode 4, which will feature new shocks and chilling horror.”

Episode 4 of “Mouse” aired on March 11 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Don't forget to catch up with the latest Korean drama news with us every day!