Moon Ga Young opened up about her life philosophy!

Moon Ga Young

Moon Ga Young talks about learning to accept herself and her goals as an actress in a recent interview for @star1 magazine

Having started out as a child actress, Moon Ga Young is already in the 15th year of her acting career, despite her young age.

Reflecting on what she’s learned while growing up, the actress shared, “I recently learned how to heal emotionally on my own, and I learned that loving and accepting yourself as you are is a way of guiding yourself to a better path.”

She added, “I think having complete faith in myself is the biggest factor that keeps me going in my acting career.”

Moon Ga Young also spoke fondly about her experience filming her latest drama, commenting, “I learned so many things in the seven months I spent together with ‘True Beauty.’”

Moon Ga Young

As for her future goals as an actress, Moon Ga Young remarked, “I’d like the thoughts and feelings I experience each year to be captured in my filmography. I hope that as my emotions change depending on my age, they will be conveyed well.”

She went on, “I think I’d like it if viewers looked up and rewatched my old projects because they wanted to remember a certain time through me or see the Moon Ga Young of a specific era.”

Moon Ga Young

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