Moon Ga Young attracted fans by her character in “Heartstrings”

Watch troublemaker Moon Ga Young pestering Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye’s relationship in “Heartstrings”. Check the details with us!

Moon Ga-young, a second-generation child actress, made every fan fall smitten along with her character within the teen melodrama Heartstrings. Although she was manipulative to her brother and his girlfriend, her aegyo and caring character made this drama less cheesy and more fun to look at. together with her witty and quick-thinking character, she captivated the fans.

Find out about Moon Ga-young’s moments and her crafty acts within the K-drama Heartstrings through this text.

Moon Ga-young’s appearance in “Heartstrings”

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Moon Ga-young started her acting career at such an early age that by the time she appeared within the teen drama Heartstrings, her 12th drama, she was barely fifteen years old. within the drama, Moon Ga-young starred alongside Park Shin-hye, an imaginative child actress turned drama superstar and CNBLUE‘s lead singer Jung Yong-hwa.

Heartstrings could be a teen melodrama about dreams, romance, and friendship within the background of school life. “Heartstrings” was broadcasted from June 29 to August 19, 2011, on MBC.

Heartstrings Synopsis

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Lee Shin (played by Jung Hong-hwa) is the leader of a preferred high school band, The Stupid, and is Lee Jung-hyun’s (played by Moon Ga-young) older brother. Meanwhile, Lee Gyu-won (played by Park Shin-hye) may be a university student majoring in traditional Korean music. She came from a family that was famous for its musical background. Initially, Lee Gyu-won isn’t an acquaintance of Lee Shin, and he or she doesn’t understand the explanation why he got most popularity at their college. But, upon seeing his band’s performance, she became captivated by his stage performance and instantly became his fan.

Lee Shin and Lee Gyu-won sleep in identical neighborhoods. because of an unexpected situation, Lee Shin and Lee Gyu-won stumble upon one another and begin developing affection for each other. Upon looking for about the romantic relationship between her famous brother and therefore the unpopular neighbor girl, Lee Jung-hyun starts pestering their relationship.

Moon Ga-young’s Character

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Moon Ga Young in “Heartstrings”

Moon Ga-young’s character, Lee Jung-hyun, could be a spoiled teenager who lacks proper attitude and manners toward everyone, even older people. She uses Lee Gyu-won’s feelings toward her brother to urge money from her and uses her aegyo to extort cash from her brother. One day, she visits Lee Gyu-won’s house and accidentally breaks Lee Gyu-won’s grandfather’s valuable pottery.

Instead of saying sorry and apologizing, Lee Jung-hyun runs away and returns to her house. Later, Lee Jung-hyun discovers a brand new passion for pansori, Korea’s authentic musical storytelling, and starts learning Pansori from her grandfather, a famous pansori master. during this drama, Moon ga-young’s character develops from a volatile and reckless teenager into an avid and determined teenager.

Moon Ga-young’s moments in “Heartstrings”

Moon Ga-young’s character in Heartstrings is nearly sort of a typical sassy sister. She always minds other people’s business and always shows up once you least expect it. She makes money by extorting money from everyone and gets away with it together with her witty and clever excuses. Amongst all of the characters in Heartstrings, her character is one of the foremost loved ones.

In this scene, Moon ga-young goes to Lee Gyu-won’s house and breaks her grandfather’s precious vase. She finds out that her brother’s girlfriend is truly her neighbor. From that moment, she uses tricks to urge his brother’s girlfriend to try and do everything for her.

Moon Ga-young’s character always nags and pesters people around her to induce what she wants and, most of the time, she gets away with it. She uses her aegyo and crafty tricks to extort money from her brother and his girlfriend.

At first, she is against her brother’s relationship with the normal-looking neighbor, but gradually, she becomes supportive of their relationship. In one in all the scenes, she plays a trick on her grandfather to release Lee Gyu-won from her grandfather’s punishment.

Moon Ha-young pestering Jung Yong-hwa and Park Shin-hye

Moon Ga-young is the only person to grasp the key relationship between her brother and therefore the neighbor girl. She is afraid that if her brother’s fans understand their relationship, his fans will leave him. If the fans leave him, she can’t sell his autographs anymore. At first, she pesters him and is against their relationship. Since her brother offers to relinquish her an allowance, she becomes soft and starts supporting her brother’s relationship.

Moon Ga-young’s character really hates her brother’s girlfriend. She even calls her the pumpkin-looking girl and always nags her. She takes advantage of her and even extorts money from her by warning her she is going to reveal their relationship to her grandfather.

The Ending of “Heartstrings”

Due to an unexpected accident, Lee Shin suffers from a broken wrist and is forced to undergo surgery. However, upon consulting with the doctor, he finds out that he may forget his dream of playing guitar because the accident caused his hand to lose the sense of touch. whether or not the surgery is successful, the doctor has no guarantee that his hand will recover completely.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend features a chance to review abroad and decides to pursue her dream. The couple meets in an exceedingly restaurant and judges to part ways and chuck their relationship. Meanwhile, Moon ga-young’s character starts learning pansori from one of the best pansori masters. Fast forward to some years later, Lee Shin is reacquainted along with his ex-girlfriend.

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