Do you know rumor plastic surgery of Monsta X?

monsta x plastic surgery

Let’s find Monsta X undergo plastic surgery or not! Check it out with us right now!

Monsta X is a six-member boy group, who debuted with Starship Entertainment and are known for his or her hip-hop music. In contrast to the swag genre, the members are famous for being attractive and having manly charm. However, many of us are doubtful about their appearance once we see their pre-debut photos. Did Monsta X plastic surgery? Let’s check!

Monsta X Jooheon cosmetic surgery before and after

Having a bulky body makes Jooheon, whose birth name was Lee Hojun, known for his bad-boy image. Seeing his pre-debut pictures may make the readers wonder where all his cuteness has gone?

And now he seems to like this

As we are able to see, both pre-debut and current Jooheon have identical countenance. His dimples still appear whenever he smiles or laughs heartily. Jooheon also keeps his monolid eyes identical since his debut as he said that he’s never curious about changing them. What makes him look different now could be the change of haircut and therefore the presence of varied earrings in his ears.

Monsta X I.M cosmetic surgery before and after

I.M, whose name is more often referred to by fans as Changkyun, is understood for creating self-composed mixed tapes. Besides his fluency in English, I.M’s charm can be seen from his pre-debut pictures.

Looked tough, didn’t he?

Now, here is that the current I.M.

There is nothing significantly changed between the past and present I.M. Besides the difference in hairstyle and makeup, I.M was accustomed have bright blond hair and thicker eye makeup during the time when he hadn’t debuted with Monsta X; whereas currently, he seems like a flower boy, with the neat look and softer eye makeup. Occasionally, he wears button earrings which enhance his appearance.

Monsta X Minhyuk’s cosmetic surgery before and after

The member who is labeled as Monsta X’s Jack of all Trades is definitely to not be underestimated within the department of appearance. Minhyuk is legendary for his good-looking face ever since he was a trainee.

Looking at the way he holds the cola glass. A beverage company should contact him to push their product, don’t you agree?

And now, here is that the current Minhyuk.

Just like the previous members, the difference between the past and present Minhyuk is simply his altered hair color and also the noticeable weight gain on his face. Minhyuk also ditches his flower boy look and uses earrings just like the other members, Jooheon, and that I.M.

Monsta X Hyungwon’s cosmetic surgery before and after

Hyungwon is thought because the visual of Monsta X because of his former status as an ulzzang and his former job as a model. However, many folks accuse him of foundering the knife. is that this accusation true? Well, let’s see his past pictures.

Now, here is that the current Hyungwon.

Judging by these pictures, the past and present Hyungwon look slightly different. you’ll be able to see within the present, Hyungwon’s eyes have thicker eyelids. It looks as if he did numerous procedures to create his eyes more prominent. Although not as significant, Minhyuk’s nose bridge also became smaller, making his face more proportional.

Monsta X Shownu’s cosmetic surgery before and after

Shownu is understood because of the leader and main dancer of Monsta X. Besides his excellent ability in dancing, Shownu’s boyish charisma bloomed way before his debut with Monsta X.

Let’s see this Shownu.

The current Shownu looks as handsome (or even more) as he looks during trainee days. He may have fixed his upper teeth but since it’s cosmetic surgery we are talking about, that’s not included. His V-line jawline is that the same and a bit like I.M, Shownu also wears button earrings which complete his overall strong and manly appearance.

Monsta X Kihyun’s cosmetic surgery before and after

Kihyun, who has the position of main vocal in Monsta X, is understood to be near his labelmate senior, SISTAR Soyu ever since he was a trainee. Well, this fact isn’t to be questioned because really, why wouldn’t anyone be sure of a boy who was as cute as him?

And now it’s time for us to work out the present Kihyun.

As you’ll see, this Kihyun grew up beautifully by keeping his countenance similar to within the past. an easy haircut and earrings make him look a bit like the trendy boy we see today. Whether within the past or present, Kihyun looks plenty brighter when he smiles, don’t you agree?

Former Monsta X Wonho’s cosmetic surgery before and after

Wonho is that the second oldest member of Monsta X, who is thought because of the high school ulzzang. The photos during his ulzzang days were spread everywhere on the web, leading to him being contacted by Starship Entertainment, his current agency. Let’s check to determine whether his solid attractiveness is valid or not?

The certified attractive and fancy high school ulzzang checked! Now, aren’t you curious to work out Wonho’s current look?

It is often seen that Wonho’s appearance looks slightly different due to eye makeup and a tiny low weight gain on his face. As for his facial expression, his nose looks more pointy when he’s at certain angles or includes a certain expression. Unlike the opposite members, Wonho is never seen wearing earrings while attending events or during performances.

Monsta X’s cosmetic surgery meter

monsta x plastic surgery

It may be concluded that each member of Monsta X, except Hyungwon, is considered to possess natural faces. Even so, it’s not guaranteed that those members are totally free from cosmetic surgery since South Korea is incredibly advanced when it involves fixing the face and body. For all that we all know, they will do a touch fixing here and there with natural outcomes which the mere viewers can’t see.

Well, what’s more, important than making an issue out of whether Monsta X did cosmetic surgery or not, is to understand their work and energy. it’s the sole feedback they have from the fans so as to boost their skill and skill.

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