Model/Actress Byun Jung Soo’s daughter stuns the Internet with her beauty

Model and actress Byun Jung Soo’s daughter stunned the Internet with her attractive facial features

It seems good genes clearly run in the family. Model and actress Byun Jung Soo’s daughter stunned the Internet with her attractive facial features.

On April 26th, a post introducing Byun Jung Soo’s beautiful daughter has caught netizens’ eyes. The post simply included different pictures of Yoo Chae Won, who was born in 1998.

Byun Jung Soo's daughter
Byun Jung Soo’s daughter Yoo Chae Won
Byun Jung Soo (on the left) and her daughter Yoo Chae Won

Over 350 comments were made under the post as netizens actively shared their thoughts about this beautiful young woman. Some of them include:

“She is trendy. Already looks like a model lol”

“Wait until you see her second child. She was born in 2006 so she’s still baby but look at her proportions.” (attached the picture below)

Byun Jung Soo's daughter

“Oh wow, she’s so pretty!”

“I can see Yuna Kim in her for some reason”

“Did she already make her debut as a model? Wow”

“So fashionable.”

“She’s so photogenic. I can already see her walking down the runway lol”

“She looks like a grown-up version of Moon Hee Jun’s daughter JamJam”

“I wish I were that pretty”

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Byun Jung-soo (born April 15, 1974) is a South Korean model and actress. As a model in the 1990s, Byun walked the runways in Seoul, Paris, and New York, notably for the brand Kenzo. She began acting in 2002 and starred in television dramas such as Women Next Door (2003), You’re Not Alone (2004), Can Love Be Refilled? (2005), Last Scandal (2008) and Manny (2011). In 2005, Byun became the creative director for clothing label Ellahoya, when it launched its higher-end line for the Hyundai Home Shopping Network. Known for her chic sense of style, in 2008 she became the host of the talk show Olive Show, which featured trends in fashion. Byun also created the make-up line Licht in 2009 and has written three books.

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