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“Missing: The Other Side” Has Unveiled Sneak Peek In First Episode

Upcoming OCN drama “Missing: The Other Side” Has Unveiled Sneak Peek At Intricate Mystery In First Episode
"Missing: The Other Side" Has Unveiled Sneak Peek In First Episode

Missing: The Other Side is a story about the village where the story of finding the disappearances of people leads to shocking revelations about the village; it is a land of spirits. Kim wook show is a very smooth talker and a wise man he commits fraud to make a living, and one day he stumbles in Duon Village, where the missing dead gather and the journey of facing numerous mysteries begin. He is joined by a detective called as Shin Joon Ho and a mysterious Jang Pan Seok. The story will be exciting and intriguing to watch.

Recently, the drama gives sneak peek at intricate mystery in first episode with a teaser video. The clip starts off with Kim Wook, Lee Jong Ah, and Moon Yoo Kang teaming up for another scamming session, but they claim themselves to be “righteous con artists”.

Meanwhile, a boy’s disappearance raises tension. Kim Wook discovers the boy in Duon Village and suspects someone has abducted him. He starts to closely monitor the village residents, and after realizing something isn’t right, he starts to dig into their secrets. Moreover, Thomas Cha (Song Gun Hee) gives him meaningful but chilling advice, saying, “If you can get out of this village, never come back”.

A mysterious figure in a black rain coat suspiciously lifts a drooping body from a pile of trash, drags a heavy sack in a dense forest, and digs up a hole with a shovel. The person is none other than Jang Pan Seok, and Kim Wook suspects he’s the one behind the kidnapping.

Watch the full clip below!

Missing: The Other Side is directed by Min Yeon-hong (Touch) and co-penned by Ban Ki-ri (A Witch’s Love) and Jung So-young.It premieres on Saturday, August 29 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

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