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“Missing: The Other Side 2” released new teaser!

The heartbreaking yet hopeful “Missing: The Other Side 2” teaser as Go Soo meets the spirit of a missing child.

A devastating new teaser for “Missing: The Other Side 2” has been released by tvN!

The mystery-fantasy drama “Missing: The Other Side” takes place in a community where the ghosts of those who vanished while they were still living live. There, a number of individuals look for unaccounted-for bodies and try to learn what happened to each of them. The cast of “Missing: The Other Side” is coming back for a second season after two years, including Go Soo, Heo Joon Ho, Ahn So Hee, and others.

In the first trailer for the forthcoming season, several individuals rush down a crowded street while stepping on a poster for a missing child. Kim Wook (Go Soo), a skilled con artist, encounters the missing boy there when he is gazing down at a poster of himself. Kim Wook can read the young child’s pleadings on the reverse of the poster, which reads, “Mister, please find me.”

Then, more people rush through the congested street, dodging rather than avoiding the child, revealing the tragic fact that Kim Wook is seeing the child’s soul. Even though the clip ends with the phrase “Meeting again with those who’ve disappeared,” Kim Wook is still fascinated by the kid.

View the teaser video here!

A special poster with a strange nurse tree and a poster of the missing child was also unveiled by tvN to go along with this teaser. The poster is illuminated by a bright light that streams through a hole in the tree, signifying both the need to discover the missing and the optimism that it will be achievable.

Missing: The Other Side 2

This December, “Missing: The Other Side 2” will make its debut.

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