Mino- Jennie couple: Look at back Winner Mino’s cute reaction to SOLO!

Mino (WINNER)’s a lovely reaction to the hit song of Jennie (BLACKPINK). Fan of Mino- Jennie couple had the opportunity to be happy!

Mino (WINNER) and Jennie (BLACKPINK) are very close, which is something that any YG fan knows well. Even, Mino and Jennie also have a solid OTP fan base, and any interaction between the two stars can cause a social media fever. Recently, the leader of WINNER made fans flutter with his lovely reaction when he heard the hit of “little sister” Jennie on the show Knowing Brothers.

Mino is excited when SOLO – Jennie is used as a challenge in Knowing Brothers in the video below:

Specifically, in a song guessing part, Mino correctly guessed that the song played was the hit of her close sister SOLO. After guessing correctly, Mino sent a message to her sister: “Jennie, you answered correctly”, and also danced to SOLO’s choreography without missing any moves. This moment made many YG fans feel happy because of the lovely interactions between the idols in the same house.

Mino is excited because he correctly guessed the hit of “her sister”:

Jennie, Mr. Mino guessed it right!:

Dancing SOLO is no less than a sister:

Mino and Jennie have a highly close senior-junior relationship. On many stages or social media, Jennie has never hesitated to post to support Mino and vice versa. Jennie often goes to Mino’s art exhibitions and concerts, and Mino also invites her close sister to participate in reality shows with him.

mino jennie couple
Jennie went to WINNER’s concert
mino jennie couple
Jennie – Mino at his painting exhibition
mino jennie
Recent reality show Jennie joined Mino
jennie mino
Jennie and Mino took a picture together after she won the trophy with SOLO in 2018

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