Meet the gorgeous Wendy of Red Velvet

Get to know more about Red Velvet’s Wendy real height! Besides, let’s wait for Red Velvet’s comeback this August!

Red Velvet is known for their versatile concept and every member having her own unique talent, which is what makes them different from the other K-Pop girl group. Not only that but this group was also referred to as the petite group.

But among the members of the Red Velvet, there’s this lady who apparently shocked the fans and netizens together with her true height. Who is it? Yup, that’s right, she is Wendy! Now, allow us to dig deeper into the data regarding her real height. Let’s check it out!

Wendy’s Real Height Revealed?!

Back in 2016, a photograph showing Wendy’s height popped up and commenced spreading through the web community fast and to open various topics of debate. The thing that especially drew the eye of individuals who saw the photo was the length of her jacket.

It was perceived to fit her shoulders and upper body, however, the underside part was only inches far from the bottom. The optical phenomenon from the photo makes Wendy appear even smaller, while she officially reported height is 160 cm.

The second piece of evidence was a figure of a person who appeared to tower Wendy’s height. While his face has been blurred gets in motion as he stands some steps off from her, the difference tall clearly visible within the photo is enough to create the fans and netizens stare and wonder for an extended time.

Here is that the picture that shows Wendy’s adorable height, so what does one guy think, she looks so cute and adorable, right?

On other hand, when she stands beside Chanyeol (EXO) on the stage, she will make you say: “OMG! She’s so cute!”

Red Velvet’s Member Height Thread’s

Now let’s make the peak sequence from the tallest to the shortest

Park Soo Young (Joy)

Joy surely is that the tallest member in Red Velvet, her height is 167 cm (5.47 ft). Even when members of another girl group stand beside her they appear small. She also often mocks the opposite members playfully about their height.

Kang Seul Gi

Following Joy is Seul Gi because the second tallest member of Red Velvet. Apparently, her height is 162 cm (5.31 ft).

Kim Ye Rim (Yeri)

Known as the devil maknae of the group, Yeri possesses the 3rd position. Her height is 158 cm (5.8 ft). She sure beat the opposite two unnies ㅋㅋㅋ.

Bae Joo Hyun (Irene)

Leader, visual, and also the foremost popular member of Red Velvet, Irene is truly not as tall as we’ve expected. She is that the 2nd shortest member of the group! Her officially reported height is 160 cm but her actual height is around 156 cm (5.11 ft). Since Irene has long legs and also the stylist gives her proper fashion advice for her, so she doesn’t look that short.

Son Seung Wan (Wendy)

And the title “shortest member of Red Velvet” has been given to Wendy, who is that the main vocalist of the group. While her officially reported height is that the same as Irene (160 cm) her actual height is around 155 cm (5.08 ft)!

Well, she may well be the shortest, but don’t underestimate her voice when she sings. Wendy is literally one of the most effective vocalists within the 3rd generation at once. it absolutely was the identical case with Tae Yeon from Girls’ Generation: although she is that the shortest member of the group her voice was considered to be legendary and still is.

So for you guys who have a tiny low height, don’t worry and feel ashamed. Wendy, Taeyeon, and therefore the other K-Pop idols who are short have already proven that they’re capable to indicate all that they’re talented for similar to the other tall idol. So it’s your turn now to prove that you just can do anything because being small doesn’t should prevent you from achieving anything you would like in your life, right? So don’t ever give up!

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