Meet the beautiful idol-turned-actress Bae Suzy

Then and now: Let’s see Suzy’s facial transformation. Did she undergo plastic surgery?

She was born under the name Bae Su-ji, and on the stage, she was famously called Suzy. Who doesn’t know her? Suzy first made a career for herself in concert with the members of the girl group Miss A, handled by JYP Entertainment. Not only that, but Suzy was also referred to as a model, host, and actress.

After Miss A was officially disbanded, Suzy continued her career as a solo singer and actress. a number of the famous drama series that she has starred in are Dream High, “Dream High 2”,While You Were Sleeping, Uncontrollably Fond, Start-Up, etc.

Not only she may be a multi-talented artist, but she also encompasses a striking physical appearance. She obviously contains a good body shape and a gorgeous face. a number of the Korean people thought that Suzy was one of the role models of natural beauty, mainly thanks to the pure and innocent looking fantastic thing about her face. But is that her real appearance? during this article, Xenews will introduce you to the playful Suzy and her facial transformations through time.

Suzy’s facial appearance

People have mostly fallen for Suzy’s charm. Especially for her face. Indeed, Suzy really includes a beautiful face and it seems that she was already beautiful since she was young. As you’ll see from her childhood picture, she already possessed her unique charm even when she was a touch girl.

Some Korean media even claimed that Suzy was one in every of the quality measures of beauty in South Korea. and also the women in Asian countries wanted to seem like Suzy, whether it’s their makeup style or fashion style. Suzy has also often been included within the list of the prettiest woman in the world: Suzy was ranked 14th on 100 Most Beautiful Face TC Candler.

Because of that, Suzy often gets offers for shooting for commercial advertising, and he or she is additionally one of the highest celebrity advertisement models. Indeed, she deserves it and is capable of doing it!

Suzy’s cosmetic surgery issue

Most people, especially women, want to possess a stunning and pure face a bit like Suzy’s within the photo above. But some people have a negative mind, they think that Suzy has gone and done cosmetic surgery. Is it true?

Some sources claim that they need proof of Suzy’s cosmetic surgery procedure. they need to say that Suzy has been injected with fat injections in her forehead so it’s more rounded, that she has done rhinoplasty on her nose, she has made her eyes look more elongated and enormous, and he or she has also done a laser hair removal on her hairlines.

But of these allegations are denied by Suzy’s fans. They think that from all of the Korean idols within the past, Suzy has, in fact, the foremost unchanging face compared to other Korean idols. They also say that Suzy’s changes have occurred as a result of puberty as an element, remembering Suzy debuted at the age of 17. And as far because the laser hair removal is anxious, they think that it doesn’t really matter because laser hair removal is like shaving eyebrows.

Some of the people still agree that Suzy hasn’t done any cosmetic surgery, because, after we see a number of her old pictures, we can see that she hasn’t undergone any significant changes, compared to her current appearance. Moreover, when Suzy lost weight and got a pleasant body shape, it affected the looks of her face still. Her face looked sharper than before, and it absolutely was all thanks to her diet.

Let’s take a glance at the before & after Suzy’s face!

For all of you guys who are still hesitant regarding Suzy’s facial appearance, just take a glance at her facial transformation pictures below!

The photos show Suzy when she was a toddler and when she was a young adult. She already had a stunning face since previously, right?

The only difference we will see between the photos below is her face shape. it’s sharper than before, but maybe it’s because she lost some weight.

In the left photo, we will see that her eyes were smaller within the past compared to the correct photo, where her eyes appear wider. Is it the results of makeup, or has she really done eyelid plastic surgery?

So, what does one guy think about Suzy’s natural beauty? Is it real or is it really the result of plastic surgery? Well, whether she has really done it or not, just keep it up supporting her, and let’s specialize in her career!

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