Meet some of the most naturally sexy female idols! (part 1)

From HyunA to Hwasa, here’s a list of female K-Pop idols with natural sexiness

There’s plenty of gorgeous female K-Pop idols in South Korea. whether or not they came from a girl group, or are a model, an actress, or anything else! Not only do they need an exquisite face, gorgeous style, and nice appearance, many of them are very naturally sexy. Want to grasp more? Channel Korea will provide you with the small print, so stay tuned!

The female K-Pop idols in our list are people who are famously called having a natural sexiness. That isn’t almost their physical appearance, but they also show natural sexiness through their aura, their charisma, and even their gaze. No wonder that lots of females in South Korea want to be as gorgeous and as sexy as them! Through this text, Channel Korea has introduced you to the natural sexiness of female K-Pop idols and their gorgeous aura!


First of all, we have the eternal image of sexiness, Hyuna! From the primary appearance, people could already be gaga together with her natural, sexy look! Not only is she famous as a singer and dancer, but Hyuna has also shown her beautiful face and goddess-like look in a very photo session.

She has also amazed people along with her sexy vibe when she was acting on stage. If you haven’t seen her on stage, you may take a look at a number of the music videos on her YouTube Channel, Hyuna. Believe us, you’ll be spoiled by her natural sexiness!

Hyuna enhances her peruse her makeup and her hairstyle. She often uses a smoky eye look mixed with a messy hairstyle that goes along with her strong image!

Let’s take a glance at several of Hyuna’s sexy photoshoots here:


Next, we’ve beautiful Park Kyungri! She wont to be one of all the members of the girl-group Nine Muses. Now she’s specializing in her career as a solo singer and TV host. Throughout all now, Kyungri has been known for her beautiful face and sexy aura.

Kyungri also often does sexy photoshoots with various magazines. With dramatic eye makeup, long messy hair, a mature image, and a sexy outfit, Kyungri were beyond successful at making all of the ladies out there envy her natural sexiness!

Let’s take a glance at several of Kyungri’s sexy photoshoots here:

EXID’s Hani

Moving on to EXID’s Hani! Not only is she the visual, lead dancer, and lead vocalist in EXID, she also presents us with the magnificent visual and natural sexiness of her physical appearance! While she’s on stage, she often shows us her natural sexiness, although she’s actually an awfully coward.

Just like the opposite female K-Pop idols, Hani has been involved in a very lot of photoshoots, a number of them were reasonably sexy! together with her fit body and cheerful, sweet image, Hani manages to convey a feeling that’s both sexy and cute.

Let’s take a glance at several of Hani’s sexy photoshoots here:


Who doesn’t know Sunmi? Previously called a member in Wonder Girls, currently, she is continuing her career as a solo singer! Not only does she have an ideal voice and exquisite face, but she also has her own natural sexiness!

Through a number of her photoshoot sessions, Sunmi was confident about showing off her good condition. She has that sort of gorgeous, curvy body. Even when she’s on stage, she rocks her red classic lipstick and dramatic eye makeup looks!

Let’s take a glance at several of Sunmi’s sexy photoshoots here:

Red Velvet’s Joy

Please welcome the gorgeous Red Velvet’s Joy! As a member of Red Velvet, Joy usually displays a sweet, cute image, but on some occasions, she has certainly shown the general public her sexy side! while she was wearing cute outfits, people have still been amazed together with her sexiness.

With her curvy body, she looks effortlessly gorgeous. Joy always looks beautiful along with her natural makeup and long, black hair which makes her milky skin look brighter, as well.

To erase her innocent, cute appearance, Joy has used sexy outfits to point out off her beautiful body, and it had been worked really well!

Let’s take a glance at several of Red Velvet’s Joy’s sexy photoshoots here:


Next, we’ve beautiful Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK! Jennie Kim is one every of the ‘it girls’ for men all around the world! Moreover, she also has her own sort of sexiness.

Her usual look is both chic and stylish. while she has quite a petite body, she encompasses a gorgeous shape! She also features a cute, sweet look, whether it had been from her style or her appearance at the time. Even Jennie Kim could show you another image since she also has that sort of cute expression lots of times!

So, choose your fighter! Would you wish to be with Jennie Kim’s naturally sexy image or her cute appearance?

Let’s take a glance at several of Jennie’s sexy photoshoots here:

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