Many favorite idols have iconic phone cases, maybe you love these!

Several of our favorite idols whose phone cases are the most iconic. Do you know this?

Phone cases are some way of expressing one’s interest, messages, or maybe showing their tastes.

Here are a number of the KPop idols‘ iconic phone cases you may want to require a glance at. These cases may or might not be their current ones.

DIA’s Jooeun

Jooeun once used a transparent phone case with a lotto inside it, so realistic and human. Did she win anything that wee?

A Pink’s Naeun

‘Girls Can do Anything’ phone case supporting what she believes in. Such an empowering message!



‘Marymond’ could be a brand that through sales raises funds to assist the victims of sex slaves during WW2 by Japan.

Park Jihoon


Son Dongpyo

BTS’ V and Jimin

These phone cases are written, “Belongs to ARMY.”

Ham Wonjin, Lee Jinhyuk, and Kim Wooseok

It looks as if idols have phone cases that show their personality — some are meaningful, others hilarious or cute. that’s possibly the explanation why fans love seeing which phone cases idols use. Seeing them fiddling with phones like every other girls and boys also make hearts melt.

Which phone case would you wish to have?

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