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The main characters in “Man to Man”

Man to Man kdrama tells the story of a mysterious and skilled emissary who becomes the bodyguard (Park Hae Jin) to a top star (Park Sung Woong) who has made a reputation for himself playing villainous characters.

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Park Hae Jin plays our undercover agent Kim Seol Woo also referred to as Agent K. He’s handsome and charming and may go undercover as almost anyone and do whatever is critical for a mission.

Pic 2 - Man to Man kdrama ReviewPark Sung Woong is our popular actor Yeo Woon Gwang. He’s an enormous personality that has the combo of being a spoiled star who incorporates a good heart. this is often precisely the reasonable character I favor seeing Park Sung Woong play as he’s with great care much fun when he gets to be lively and animated.

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Kim Min Jung plays Woon Gwang’s favored fan and manager Cha Do Ha. Her life revolves around him to a passionate level. But when the new bodyguard gets within the mix and turns his charms on her, she is left quite confused by her newly developing feelings for him.

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Man to Man Review

Full disclosure, I wasn’t feeling well after I watched the majority of Man to Man, so definitely may have influenced my enjoyment of the drama. It’s one in all those dramas that seems fine enough as an entire, but I just really didn’t take care of it. I used to ben’t that into it while I was sick, so it never really clicked afterward. I believe by the time I used to be feeling better, I used to so date into the drama that I just really didn’t care at that time.

The drama does have an extremely nice story that mixes detective spy action with romance and comedic elements. The actors all nailed their roles, and also the drama looked sharp with pretty good cinematography.

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My favorite thing was the fun bromance between Seol Woo and Woon Gwang. they supply some very humorous moments thanks to true and their opposite personalities. Plus, I actually enjoyed watching them grow closer there is a brotherly style of way.

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I also really enjoy stories where an agent falls for his mark, which finally ends up being Do Ha. It always creates a fun dynamic as he leads her on and he or she falls for him, then again he successively develops feelings for her. Which always presents multiple issues from compromising the mission to when the lies are discovered.

As much as I enjoyed that, I didn’t really feel the romance itself though. Park Hae Jin was quite suave and charming, but I found Do Ha’s character to be a small amount much. I just didn’t adore her. She does improve because the drama goes on, but I just never really felt any chemistry between the pair.

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So while on paper Man to Man seems to possess all the makings of an excellent drama, it just felt quite meh. The story had many developments, but it had been presented in a very variety of confusing ways. The pacing also felt slow. And since I didn’t love the most couple, obviously the romance portion of the drama felt weak. Mostly I used to be just bored though.

The drama does have lots of positive elements to tune up for, so it’s definitely worth a glance to work out if it clicks with you. For me, this drama may have just suffered from being a small amount average combined with bad timing.

My Rating: 4/10

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