MAMAMOO’s Solar share supplements which she takes a day!

solar supplement

MAMAMOO’s Solar revealed how many supplements she takes a day. The K-Pop idol’s health updates will surely inspire you to be healthy and fit. 

MAMAMOO’s card-carrying member, Solar, 29, shared her ‘Solarsido’ vlog constant update on her life and well-being. From her life choices, daily routines, to refrigerator raid. The K-pop artist is a full gear in giving out worthy content to her beloved fans. Let’s check some Solar supplements with us right now!

The singer revealed to her subscribers and viewers that she takes eight food supplements per day and why she chose to intake them daily. Kpopstarz listed all eight supplements, and let’s take a small amount of every below. 

MultiVitamins, Vitamin C

On her vlog, Solar shows a little bottle with openings on both ends, allowing the viewers to peak its two pills and syrup. Her fellow band member, Monbyul, suggested the supplement.

Vegetable skin probiotic 

The K-pop star shares that probiotic is pivotal to everyone, including proper digestion. But, the supplement that she takes regularly is categorized as a skin probiotic. Moreover, she said that she switches to a distinct sort of pro-biotics every three months.

L-Carnitine & L-Caslim

Since she works out plenty, Solar takes three pills of every supplement twice daily. One day, the said pills were brought by her sister, which she eventually loved as soon as she saw the results. It also has calcium, perfect for her bones.

Vitamin D + Iron

Another one on the list, Solar takes in Iron and D supplements every day because, in step with her doctor, she lacks the said nutrients to her body. The matter led her to require the pills daily, coping up with what’s lacking.

Omega 3

A piece of Solar’s daily dose is Omega 3. while it’s an infinite pill, she still manages to require it.

True blue spirulina 

Solar takes this seaweed pill 3 times on a daily basis. She decided to feature the said supplement to her daily regimens after witnessing the famous model Miranda Kerr using it. it’s for fighting aging agents and enhancing the skin’s appearance.

Collagen gummy 

The said pill is Solar’s all-time favorite among the opposite seven supplements. Seujong Unnie recommended the sweet drug that led her to require 5 capsules daily as per the singer.

Magnesium + B6 

Solar takes the said supplement last, but not the smallest amount. She completes her day with a dose of Magnesium with adermin agents.

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