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Today, Xenews will show Mad For Each Other Kdrama Review! Are you excited and expected to this interesting drama? Get ready with us!

Mad For Each Other Kdrama may be a romcom crafted with lessons that are food for thought.

Main Cast: Oh Yeon Seo | Jung Woo
Supporting Cast: Lee Soo Hyun | Ahn Woo Yeon | Kim Nam Hee | Baek Ji Won | Lee Hye Eun | Lee Yeon Du
Streaming Site: Netflix
Thrill/Addictive Meter: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
Rewatch Value: 3/5
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Mad For Each Other Quick Plot Recap

Attending their therapy sessions, Lee Min Kyung (Oh Yeon Seo) and Noh Hwi Oh (Jung Woo) cross paths and develop an unlikeable impression on one another. Not knowing that they’re neighbors in Hongjik Jungang Apartment, they still encounter one another and have a quarrel.

Both Min Kyung and Hwi Oh have painful pasts within which they struggle to beat through therapy. Min Kyung is troubled by her delusions and compulsiveness after an event. Hwi Oh is suspended from the constabulary as he’s diagnosed with anger management issues.

They try to avoid one another as they realize that they share an identical psychiatrist and their units are just nearby. However, they are available to grasp more about one another and grow close. They become neighbors to lovers who share the identical path to healing.

Mad For Each Other Kdrama Peak Points *Spoilers Ahead

Solidarity in neighborhood

The relationship of the people within the Hongjik Jungang Apartment really gave off the vibe of a typical neighborhood. The women’s association really added flavor to the comedy portion of the drama. they’d appear to be the nosy elders within the neighborhood, but they really looked out for the most characters and other residents. Additionally, the interaction of Samantha (Ahn Yeon Woo) and Su Hyun (Lee Su Hyun) were adorable and heart-warming.

The supporting characters really did an honest job of building the atmosphere within the neighborhood. What’s praiseworthy of this neighborhood is that they weren’t afraid to admit and apologize for his or her misdeeds. The neighborhood did well in promoting acceptance and harmony.


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From Enemies To Lovers

Min Kyung and Hwi Oh initially disliked one another, especially the actual fact that they share an identical psychiatrist. The ice between them began to melt as they helped one another after they were troubled while it had been against their will. From that, they were ready to grow closer reaching the purpose of becoming allies to sharing romantic feelings.

Oh Yeon Seo and Jung Woo were commendable for his or her acting. They were able to properly portray the progress of being enemies to lovers.

That Kiss on the Sidewalk

While holding onto a criminal Hwi Oh and Min Kyung caught, they share a kiss on the sidewalk as they admit that they still love one another. It’s unique and comical to work out a kissing scene right after the characters catch an individual from the wanted list that was seen within the earlier episodes.

Road To Healing

We are greeted within the first episode with the most characters meeting the identical psychiatrist. Throughout the episodes, we are able to see how Min Kyung and Hwi Oh break down the chains from their pasts and move towards healing. From a rigid and stiff lifestyle, we were able to witness their progress towards resiliency.

At the tip of the series, Min Kyung learned to square up for herself, and Hwi Oh was ready to get reinstated as a part of the law.

Mad For Each Other Series Musings

At first, I believed that this series would follow a storyline where most characters would meet, fall taken with, and have a cheerful ending. However, Mad For Each Other was able to create a plot with unique touches from various societal issues.

It was not afraid to place in topics like diversity, mental state, drugs, and dating violence. It’s really amazing how they creatively incorporated these topics during a rom-com.

The cast of Mad for every Other gave justice to the portrayal of their characters. The women’s association really did an honest job in transforming those nosy but caring elders in a very community. they’ll be annoying in some parts, but what’s admirable is that their characters were loyal and knew when to apologize for what they needed to be done wrong.

In every episode, we get to be told more about each character, and that’s why its rating is 4 stars for its thrill/addictive meter. It’s exciting to dig deeper into each character’s story because the series went on.

What I actually admire during this series is that it emphasizes that the road to healing isn’t smooth-sailing. People may progress and are available back to their old selves, but that doesn’t mean they’re hopeless. One may dip, but once you learn to trust yourself and also the people around you who are able to help, the healing process would become more bearable.

Mad For Each Other is extremely recommended for folks that enjoy watching romcom series that also advocate progressive ideas in a very society.

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