Look at Kard’s BM abs!

Cover - Look at Kard's BM abs!

Look at Kard’s BM abs! I believe you will be amazed by his sexy body! Get ready to see his hot photos with Xenews! 

How B.M Get Their ABS from Workout?

Having an ideal body shape is the dream of everyone, both men and women. Among idols in South Korea, every idol must have an ideal body shape, not too thin or not too fat. For this reason, many idols are on a very strict diet and exercise all day to shape the body they have dreamed of.

Such is one of the members of a group that is quite famous in South Korea, K.A.R.D. K.A.R.D is a group with a mix of two male members and two female members; before their official debut, they were required to achieve an ideal body shape. B.M and J.Seph are the male members who have a very good body shape with quite well-defined muscles, especially their abs.

In this article, Xenews will give you a run-through of everything about B.M’s abs and how he has achieved to define them through their workout routine. Want to know more about his workout? Stay tuned!

Check Out His Glorious Abs!

Want to know about his glorious abs? Well, you can check them out here! Make sure you girls don’t melt after seeing his abs.

B.M is one of the members of K.A.R.D who many people have recognized as a person with quite the perfect abs. B.M also often shows his muscles and abs on his social media and makes many female fans hysterical because they see his perfect body. When holding concerts, B.M also intentionally takes off his clothes and shows his perfect muscles and abs. Of course, these moments have been immortalized by many fans and they have made them hysterical.

Now, let’s see B.M’s perfect ABS!

This photo of B.M was taken at the gym. B.M indeed often spends his free time practicing in the gym and forming muscles on his body to make it look even more perfect. What do you think? He really has perfect abs, right? You can even see the veins that are clearly visible on his arm.

Pic 1 - Look at Kard's BM abs!

B.M deliberately shows his body shape and abs in front of the mirror and uploads them on his social media. Of course, his fans, especially the women, share positive comments and praise him for his perfect body shape. Don’t get melted because of this photo, okay?

Pic 2 - Look at Kard's BM abs!

Wanna Know His Workout Routine?

Getting an ideal body shape is not easy; there are a lot of things you need to do and avoid to get the perfect body shape. One that is often done among South Korean idols, including B.M, is to go on a diet and work out at the gym regularly.

Pic 3 - Look at Kard's BM abs!

In an interview, BM named several things that he does to get his body shape full of muscles, he said, “I used to be really hefty. Turned all that fat into muscle through dieting. Dieting is 70%, working out is 30%.” B.M also said that workout is very important to burn fat and calories and also shape the body you desire, “Workout is a MUST.” He also said, “Stay strict and have self-discipline in your diet.”

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