List movies: You will cry a lot with 5 touching Korean movies about mother

Movies about mothers always attract audiences with emotional stories that shed tears. You just want to run home and hug my mother!

Motherhood is a big topic, always thoroughly exploited in movies. Therefore, many emotional films about motherhood have been released to the audience, making motherhood more sacred than ever. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at a series of touching films about moms to make us feel more loved and appreciated. “Since God couldn’t be everywhere, he created Mother.”

Mother (2009)

“Mother” is a film about the motherly love of a mother (Kim Hye Ja) and her son Do Joon (Won Bin) – a child who is underdeveloped. Mother and daughter make a living by selling herbs. Tragedy begins to happen when a girl in the area is murdered and Do Joon is accused of murder.

The mother’s instinct told Do Joon to be innocent, so she did everything just to clear up her son. The film depicts the dark sides of Korean society and the hidden corners of the human psyche. Mother shows unconditional maternal love and the image of a mother who defies everything to protect her innocent child.

A scene in “Mother”

Don’t Cry Mommy (2012)

Don’t Cry Mommy is a film inspired by a true shocking story in Korea: 41 men raped a 15-year-old school girl. The mother was in great pain when she saw her daughter fall into a serious crisis. Although he filed a lawsuit, because he was a minor, the court issued an acquittal. Too resentful, the mother decided to get justice for herself, even if she had to sacrifice her life.

However, even if justice is achieved or revenge is successful, little Eun Ah is still the one who suffers the most. Eun Ah then ended her own life on her own birthday. Before “going away”, the girl bought a cream cake with the words “mom don’t cry”.

mommy dont cry
You will cry when watch this movie

The Preparation (2017)

The film tells the story of In Gyu, a 7-year-old child “stuck” in the form of a man in his 30s. In Gyu’s mother is Ae Soon, who has spent 30 years of her life taking care of her son. This has turned Ae Soon into a nagging and extremely difficult old mother.

One day, Ae Soon realizes that her time with her silly son is coming to an end. The thought of leaving In Gyu filled her with worries. To prepare for a brand new future for her son, Ae Soon begins to make lists of things to do – things that are normal but strange and difficult for a retarded person like In Gyu.

the preparation
This movie made numerous viewers cry 

In Gyu’s late adulthood journey with the dedicated guidance of his elderly mother brought a lot of laughter and tears to the audience.

The Big Shot (2019)

The Big Shot is about a woman Soon Ok (Kim Hae-Sook) who lives with her son Ki Kang (Son Ho-Jun) and daughter Ki Soon (Nam Bo-Ra) on an island in Jeolla Province. Ki Kang wanted to become successful, so he decided to come to Seoul to fulfill his dream. However, he became a criminal sentenced to death.

Soon Ok’s mother, upon hearing the news, tried everything to save her son. From an illiterate person, she worked hard to learn how to write a petition because she believed that this was the only way to live for her son who was on the verge of death.

the big shot

Romang (2019)

Romang opens with the happy image of a three-generation family when the elderly couple Cho Nam Bong (Lee Soon Jae) and Mae Ja (Jung Young Sook) still work hard every day and take care of their children and grandchildren.

Every day, Mrs. Mae Ja is always devoted to her husband and children, however, an accident happened when Mae Ja was no longer lucid enough to remember everything. Suddenly, she accidentally became a burden for her children. Therefore, the family decided to take Mae Ja to a nursing home. From here, too, the hardships of parenthood and children’s behavior begin to unfold.


Romang exploits the story of modern society, not only happening in Korea but everywhere in the world when the elderly have to face the disease of memory loss and gradually move away from life.

Without a grandiose setting or a big story, Romang focuses on simple everyday things, and the character’s psychological development, and hits the audience’s emotions and compassion directly. when talking about conjugal love, and sacred motherhood.


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