Let’s see some rumors about Park Seo Joon’s girlfriend!

Cover - Let's see some rumors about Park Seo Joon's girlfriend!

Let’s see some rumors about Park Seo Joon’s girlfriend! This news made Korean drama netizens shocked! Get ready to know that!

Despite once being seen as a perfect man, Park Seo Joon now’s thought to be too greedy for cash and leaves his girlfriend behind just for 15 advertising contracts.

It is often said that the success of What’s wrong with secretary Kim makes an enormous contribution to the reputation of Park Seo Joon not only in Korea but also abroad. The actor has quickly become a household name for several brands.

Pic 1 - Let's see some rumors about Park Seo Joon's girlfriend!

Recently, a piece of writing about Park Seo Joon receiving 15 advertising contracts has become the new topic of Korean netizens. Park Seo Joon, who was once a model of thousands of people now turns into a greedy man leaving his girlfriend behind only because he spends 100days in an exceedingly year on shooting advertisements. After filming “What’s wrong with secretary Kim”, he’s purported to are dating actor Park Min Young for 3 years, but the rumor was quickly suppressed by himself and therefore the stars within the movie. Despite making an official announcement about dating rumors, he seems to travel sure more criticism.

Netizens think that Park Seo Joon is cheating all his fans and also the public by denying dating evidence simply because he’s driven by the money obtained advertisements. The actor is simply trying to hide the reality to form money from these advertising contracts. Park Seo Joon‘s image totally collapsed receiving such a lot of hatred from his fans.

Here are some netizens’ comments on Park Seo Joon’s 15 advertising contracts:

  • I think it is true, he denied the rumors because of the contract terms of the ads. Not only a few but 15… let think about the great losses he will get if he is open to the relationship with Park Min Young. He should have been more careful on the SNS.
  • It is quite clear that they are dating but lying to the public to make money. I used to be his fan but I will never watch his movie anymore. I don’t understand the reason why they are lying.
  • You should have been more honest if you had been dating someone. Don’t make fun of your fans by denying all the evidence. What he is doing now is just helping him get more anti-fans and ruining the good image he has been building for a long time.
  • That’s why he has kept denying dating rumors. I bet that they will split up in a secret way. Poor Park Min Young! Maybe she thinks he will break up with her due to his expanding popularity.
  • That guy makes money by fooling the whole country and dates his girlfriend in a drama. Both of them are not loved anymore.

Up to now neither Park Seo Joon nor Park Min Young has officially spoken out about their dating rumors. Is it too harsh for him to be criticized to be a money-grubber turning back on his girlfriend by netizens?

Let’s see some rumors about Park Seo Joon‘s girlfriend! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean entertainment news with us every day!