Let’s see Park Bom pre-surgery!

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Let’s see Park Bom pre-surgery! I believe you guys will be shocked when seeing that! Are you expected to see it? Get ready with Xenews!

Park Bom And Her Long History Of cosmetic surgery with Before and After Photos

Since she was a trainee at YG Entertainment, Park Bom has been called the attractive and cute one. She encompasses a pretty face and she or he was also a really talented trainee at that point. She also incorporates a proportionate nose and eyes. Actually, Park Bom already had an idol look before she did over one cosmetic surgery, as we could see within the picture below.

Pic 1 - Let's see Park Bom pre-surgery!

Pic 2 - Let's see Park Bom pre-surgery!From the image above we could see the gorgeous Park Bom before she decided to try and do cosmetic surgery. I personally regret her decision to possess cosmetic surgery. I believe she was already pretty without doing cosmetic surgery.

Ok then without further ado, we are going to progress to her picture after she did cosmetic surgery.

Pic 3 - Let's see Park Bom pre-surgery!

We can see the changes in her face from eyelid surgery to chin surgery. many of us think that Park Bom has had cosmetic surgery quite twice. the most recent rumor spread among Korean fans is about the V-shape of Park Bom’s chin. As we will see from the image above, her chin became more pointed than before. She’s also done a double eyelid cosmetic surgery to form her appearance become cuter.

Park Bom Was Done A Failed cosmetic surgery

While we are talking about Park Bom’s cosmetic surgery, there’ll be plenty of bad things that are said. Since her first debut thus far, there are plenty of changes in Park Bom’s appearance. Some K-Pop fans love her new appearance because it makes her instantly become a Barbie doll. But on the opposite hand, plenty of fans become frustrated about Park Bom’s cosmetic surgery. They think that her new appearance made her into a monster that isn’t cute anymore. Without prolonging, let’s pass on to the picture!

Pic 4 - Let's see Park Bom pre-surgery!As we will see from the image, we are able to conclude that Park Bom has done her chin, nose, double eyelid, jawline, and also her bottom lips. Below is that the other photo comparison of Park Bom’s cosmetic surgery.

So, what’s your opinion about Park Bom’s plastic surgery? Does one think that she became sort of a Barbie doll or worse? It’s your opinion!

In the Asian nation itself, cosmetic surgery could be a common trend, so it’d be normal for a star to own cosmetic surgery. I personally think celebrities are human. There’s a time once we want to be more pretty and handsome, and likewise for the Korean celebrity. So we’ve got to be wise fans who always support our idols.

Let’s see Park Bom pre-surgery! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean entertainment news with us every day!