Let’s see Ko Mun Yeong’s outfits!

Cover - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!

Let’s see Ko Mun Yeong’s outfits! This information makes Korean netizens excited and surprised. Do you wanna know this? Get ready with Xenews

Seo Ye Ji‘s whole outfit – from her dress, shoes, a bag to accessories – for the famous family portrait in Its Okay to not Be Okay is out and away from the foremost expensive outfit, she has worn within the show.

Just once we now not feel surprised whenever the actress would wear over the highest designer outfits within the show, it took our expectations to a way higher level after we saw her within the 12th episode of the drama.

(Just a warning: look now if you haven’t seen Episode 12!)

Nearing the top of this chapter, the 2 brothers and Ko Mun Yeong were able to take a meaningful family photo to celebrate the bond they formed as a replacement family. could be a} incontrovertible fact that taking a family portrait is a tradition being well-observed and followed among Korean families, and that they tend to induce dressed for the once in an exceedingly lifetime occasion. After all, photos are the sole things that produce memories last.

Pic 1 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!

Kim Soo Hyun looked absolutely perfect in his well-groomed and tidy suit. And altogether fairness, Oh Jung Se also owned his share of the spotlight wearing plaid double-breasted beige and burgundy suit. However, what caught the eye of the viewers is Seo Ye Ji, who was in a very league of her own, wearing her white dress, she looked elegant and dashing.

Pic 2 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!
Pic 3 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!

Pic 4 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!At first glance, Seo Ye Ji‘s outfits looked deceivingly simple, but make no mistake, her entire outfit for this family photoshoot costs plenty of cash which may be a hefty amount of a minimum of 100,000 US dollars!

Okay, you’ll breathe now. Take some seconds to pass through that revelation.

Now let’s take a more in-depth study Mun Yeong’s photoshoot outfit details below:

First, allow us to discuss her breathtakingly expensive outfit. That ruffled white mini shirt dress is really a famous luxury brand Prada. Her pair of shiny stiletto heels are from the famous footwear brand Aquazzura. She is additionally seen carrying a handbag from Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2020 lineup.

Since the value of the precise bag is unavailable online, that tiny classic Chanel bag is valued at $5,800.

Pic 5 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!

We did a small amount of research and located the costs of the particular items she wore on the family portrait.

The Ruffled Shirt Dress from Prada costs about $1840.

Pic 6 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!The Tequila Sandal 105 in Silver from AQUAZZURA is valued at $1350.Pic 7 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!

The Clip-On Earrings from MIU MIU are $286.Pic 8 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!Take note, this can be only the appetizer. Her watch alone already costs $71,000. It’s from the posh brand Piaget which is of 18K metal set with 24 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Pic 9 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!

The Rose Ring she wore was in 18K alloy is $17,000 also from PIAGET. Pic 10 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!And the Possession Open Bangle Bracelet is valued at $4,800 also from PIAGET. Pic 11 - Let's see Ko Mun Yeong's outfits!Are you continue to keep up? Well, yeah it is a lot of calculations to try to but to sum it all up it wouldn’t be impossible to announce that this overall look of Ko Mun-Yeong for the said family portrait costs over a jaw-dropping amount of $100k, which for the record is her most pricey OOTD within the show to date.

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