Let’s review the moments when BTS wore hanbok!

The top 5 moments for BTS and hanbok. Let’s check with us right now, maybe you will love these!

While the South Korean boy band spends much of its time overseas, through countless world tours and promotions BTS has never lost touch with its roots.

As torchbearers for the Korean Wave and representatives of the state, the artists have often declared — as Suga and Jungkook once did in an interview — that they need to spread Korea’s culture around the world.

And as world-class musicians, the BTS bandmates often incorporate elements of traditional Korean culture both on and offstage, mostly by showcasing Korea’s traditional garments — hanbok.

So here are the highest five moments when the K-pop phenomenon slew hanbok, giving the old-fashioned tradition a sleek, edgy style.

1. 2018 MMA

BTS’ last 20-minute set at the 2018 Melon Music Awards, which occurred in Seoul recently, was a culmination of the act’s support for Korean culture.

Before delving into a mind-blowing “Idol” performance, Jimin appeared on stage to bounce the “buchaechum” — a standard variety of Korean dance using fans — while clad in an exceedingly modernized version of the silky robelike garments.

Fans raved on social media about his attire, made from black fabric embellished with gold, likewise as his feathery orange fan and his silky-silver hair. it’s since been revealed that his hanbok was designed by the famous hanbok brand Cheon-ui-mu-bong.

Other members were also clothed within the distinct form of hanbok while performing “Idol,” with RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, and V sporting turquoise, navy, and flowery traditional outfits.

Jungkook especially showed a mix of tradition and modernity by slipping into a pair of Nike Air Jordans.

2. “Idol” MV

Although the band members have always been cultural ambassadors of K-pop, it wasn’t until “Idol” that BTS presented its global fans with the total force of an authentic Korean experience. filled with traditional Korean elements, the brightly hued music video for “Idol” reveals hanbok’s beauty to the planet.

Dancing against the backdrop of a bright yellow pavilion floating in clouds of vibrant hues, the BTS band members don stylish hanbok manufactured from simple black fabric lined with gold.

They don’t wear the standard “goreum,” a ribbon attached to the jacket. The clothing is that the work of famous hanbok designer Baek Oak-soo.

When the video came out, foreign media were quick to report on BTS’ engagement with its cultural traditions, and lots of fans everywhere around the globe praised the song and expressed appreciation for the cultural insight.

With “Idol,” BTS spread Korean culture on a worldwide scale.

3. Chuseok

On Korea’s traditional holiday Chuseok, BTS greeted fans in various sorts of modernized Korean traditional dress — kind of like what they wore within the “Idol” video.
In photos released by BTS in September, taken during the group’s US tour, all seven members are seen posing on a couch in their bed-chamber.

Band leader RM opted for an easy robelike black hanbok, while Jin, Suga, and Jimin sported garments embellished with flashy golden prints. J-Hope, V, and Jungkook also donned black hanbok with vibrant patterns.

Despite being remote, BTS made sure that fans in Korea were always on their minds.

4. Jin’s hanbok at the airport

BTS usually opts for trendy streetwear for its outbound fashion statements, but there was one rare case when Jin caught everyone’s attention by appearing at the airport in hanbok from head to toe.

The surprise event occurred in November last year when BTS found out Incheon Airport to attend Mnet’s Asian Music Awards in port.

Among the opposite members, who wore casual outfits and covered their faces with masks, Jin stood to go in a lightweight gray robelike garment and “gat,” or Korean traditional hat. His adorable look immediately sent fans into a frenzy on social media, with some even suggesting that Jin should star in an exceedingly historical Korean drama.

Jin later tweeted that his special costume was a part of an episode of the group’s variety “Run BTS!” which aired on Naver’s V app, where the members played a game to determine who would wear hanbok to the airport.

Though it absolutely was a one-time event, fans may be hoping for one more round.

5. V

V’s first-ever small-screen debut also included hanbok.

From 2016 to last year, V had taken on a supporting role within the KBS drama series “Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth,” a fantasy work of art set during the Silla Kingdom (57 BC to AD 935) and tells the story of the “hwarang,” an upper crust of young men who were highly educated and also highly trained within the art of archery.

In the series, V played the youngest hwarang, an innocent boy with a warm and friendly personality. While V usually wears his hair short, sometimes in bright colors, V achieved various hairstyles for the drama — from shaggy and disheveled to long and silky.

His traditional hwarang outfits and matching hairbands exposed his neat eyebrows and forehead, giving fans reason enough to hope for more images of V in hanbok.

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