Let’s learn information about the story of BTS Jimin’s weight loss

BTS’ Jimin’s weight loss fans worried – Let’s compare his old and recent photos

Jimin may be a member of the boy group BTS holding the position of the most dancer. His appearance always makes fans worry thanks to his body look. Jimin is understood as a perfectionist among the members, who always strive for the most effective regarding both his dancing and appearance. Because he always listens to other people’s opinions he has put himself under much pressure to take care of his body figure. Ever since his debut, Jimin always caught the public’s attention together with his body appearance of a masculine, sexy, and charming boy. The story about his weight loss hit the headlines among his fans and audiences. What’s hidden within the background of his story? Let’s check it out!

BTS Jimin’s Method of Losing Weight

Jimin made his debut with a muscular body, in 2013, with “No More Dream.” He displayed his amazing abs within the choreography which made fans go wild. However, Jimin’s appearance after his debut has changed and he appears slimmer and skinnier year after year. At first, fans didn’t have an issue with Jimin’s changed appearance. But because he started looking very skinny and somewhat unhealthy, fans became suspicious and worried about Jimin’s health and appearance.

BTS’ Jimin admitted that he only ate once each day during his busy schedule, sometimes making him easily get tired and miss out on his dance rehearsal thanks to it. Fans started trending the #YouArePerfectJimin to remind him that he should make sure of his body and health more, instead of worrying about his weight.

BTS Jimin’s Appearance Through Time

Jimin’s appearance always changed through time. He has changed his appearance from a muscular and funky boy into a cute, yet a captivating boy, however, always retains a cool and amazing have a look at the identical time. Here may be a video representing a compilation of Jimin’s photo and video collection through time starting before he debuted.

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