Let’s know more about Zion T’s Yanghwa Bridge!

Cover - Let’s know more about Zion T's Yanghwa Bridge!

Let’s know more about Zion T’s Yanghwa Bridge! I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to know with Xenews!

Many say bad publicity is healthier than complete obscurity; just ask US President Donald Trump, the walking embodiment of controversy.

But fame and success often have strings attached, and what follows can include unwanted attention about personal issues and judgment from onlookers.

Zion.T described this bitter irony in “The Song,” one from his latest album “00.” The lyrics “I don’t want this song to be popular. I don’t want people to recollect the lyrics to the current song,” depict the conflicting thoughts of 1 who seeks fame, but is over-involved by it.

“I’ve gained a reputation as a singer who writes about his own life, and this has led me to sing about things that I didn’t want (the public) to grasp. Like my father’s work and my upbringing,” he said during a joint media interview.

“There was certainly some embarrassment like my diary had been revealed. But at the identical time, success and also the money that follows make me happy. These (conflicting) feelings are reflected during this song.”

Pic 1 - Let’s know more about Zion T's Yanghwa Bridge!

The new album looks to follow this theme yet. per Zion.T, the “00” represent the glasses that became his symbol to the general public, while meaning that the album may be a reflection of his point of view. It also represents the common denominator between him and therefore the public: music.

Zion.T has built a reputation for singing about himself; his breakout hit “Yanghwa Bridge” is about his earlier life and the hardships his family went through.

Ironically, the song presented some setbacks in terms of the artist’s development.

“The song is dear to me therein it propelled me to popularity, but some people’s views of me are refined to its song. I would like to specific various things, but they don’t care about it and just say ‘Oh, you were better back then,” he said.

“People change. My wish is that (the fans) would watch me as I do. In some sense, ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ is my complex,” he said. The singer jokingly added that his friends are now calling him within the middle of the night to mention that they’re on the bridge.

A jab at the hit is included within the song “Complex,” which depicts him and K-pop star G-Dragon “dissing” one another about each other’s’ inferiority complexes.

The track has become a magnet for controversy, with lyrics seemingly demeaning “idols” — employed in Korea to talk over with boybands and girl groups — receiving complaints from fans of popular K-pop teams.

“I don’t have any intention to belittle idol singers who went through years of coaching… It’s just that I assumed us (Zion.T and G-Dragon) exchanging punchlines would be fun,” Zion.T said.

Pic 2 - Let’s know more about Zion T's Yanghwa Bridge!The song “Comedian” describes the pressure of being under a microscope 24/7, and therefore the public regarding celebrities through a particular lens.

“A comedian’s job is to form people laugh, irrespective of what they assert. So even once they attempt to say something serious, people may laugh. But they’re not just comedians; they speak about themselves, or others,” Zion.T said. “People are confined to how people perceive them, looking on what their job is … How can people judge them supported some paragraphs in articles? How could people understand and judge them?”

The singer’s frustration appears to be reflected within the lyrics, which fits on the say “you could never understand. you simply laugh. Hahaha.”

Does this mean he’s sickened by the shackles of success? The singer assured that his intention was never to travel that far.

“Strictly speaking, 1/2 the lyrics ‘I don’t want to be popular’ could be a joke. This album needs to achieve success,” he said. But the opposite half, he added, could be a reflection of how he felt while rising to stardom.

Zion.T said his regrets are that being defined as a “K-pop singer” holds him back from venturing into other means to specific himself.

“My thing straight away is music, but I hope to widen the scope to other fields in addition,” he said.

For now, the 27-year-old’s ambition is to form good music.

“My face isn’t getting any longer handsome, so my music must make progress, right?” he said with a smile. “One thing is sure. I’m visiting to make songs that individuals can relate to, and check out songs that I haven’t yet tried before.”

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