Let’s know more about YooJun!

Cover - Let's know more about YooJun!

Let’s know more about YooJun! I believe you guys will be surprised when knowing that! Get ready to discover with Xenews!

Today, we are introducing actor Yoo Jun who is acting with Hur HyunJun (ex-THE BOYZ’s Hwall) within the BL web drama “Color Rush“. together with his good acting and attractiveness, he had caught the eyes of the viewers.

Yoo Jun could be new plenty of overseas fans but he’s not a rookie actor. He actually has quite a lot of experience!

Let’s start with basic information, Yoo Jun was born on Apr. 14, 2000, and is 178-180cm. He accustomed move under the name Hong TaeUi. The actor is under Starhaus Entertainment with Ahn HyoSeop, Lee TaeRi, Kwak SiYang, and more.

He debuted in 2012 within the tvN drama “Yellow Boots” and also the same year when he appeared on the Tooniverse show “Kids Survival Super Hero” he caught the eye of the viewers together with his handsome look (see the video below).

Since then he has acted in such a large amount of dramas and flicks as supporting roles including “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, “The King’s Face”, “Super Family”, and more. Here is one scene from “Super Family”.

Yoo Jun also got lots of leadership roles within the web dramas of Tooniverse including “Ohlala School 2”, “Pluto Squad”, “Thunder Store 2”, and more. He also appeared on a variety of shows on the channel.

The actor has been very active as a child and teenager.

He is now a grown-up man. Before “Color Rush“, he had the lead role within the web drama “Miracle Girl” (2019). You’ll have a glance at the teaser below.

Yoo Jun knows the way to speak Chinese and was awarded in 2011, 2012, and 2013 at Chinese Speaking contests. He’s attending ChungAng University within the Department of Performance and Video Creation and majoring in Theater.

The actor is additionally talented in playing the guitar.

Here is another video of him playing the guitar back in 2014.

Finally, we will not forget to say his handsome Instagram pictures. you’ll follow him on his Instagram here @yyjjun_xx.

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Pic 2 - Let's know more about YooJun!

Let’s know more about YooJun! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean entertainment news with us every day!