Let’s know more about The Witch Store!

Cover - Let’s know more about The Witch Store!

Let’s know more about The Witch Store! I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready with us!

“The Witch Store” could be a teen fantasy romance web drama.

The cast consists of two acting dols and rookie actors. PENTAGON’s Yeo One is that the lead actor, he already acted before within the web drama “Spark” and drama “Joseon Beauty Competition”. The lead actress is UNI.T’s Lee HyunJoo (also former APRIL member). She acted in “My Father is Strange” and “Momin’s Room”.

You can easily watch the drama on BAMBOONETWORK V-Live channel and other social platforms, check them out below.


HyeJi becomes a part-timer at the Witch Store which is simply seen by people who have a wish. HyeJi sees no progress in her relationship with YooHo and before of her, a witch transformed into a highschool girl named YoungJi. this is often when SungWoo a handsome judo player appears.


Title: The Witch Store/Welcome to The Witch Store/Eoseooseyo, manyeosangjeom/어서오세요, 마녀상점

Director: Jung SungBin

Writer: Ahn SeHwa


Runtime: BAMBOONETWORK V-Live Tuesday&Thursdays 7 pm KST // BAMBOONETWORK YouTube Wednesday&Sunday 7 pm KST// BAMBOONETWORK Facebook Wednesday&Sunday 7 pm KST

# of Episodes: 12

Language: Korean


PENTAGON’s Yeo One as SungWoo

He is a national Judo medalist.

He is within the class next to YooHo and HyeJi.

He is the childhood friend of HyeJi. he’s well-rounded but when it involves dating, it’s different.

UNI.T’s Lee HyunJoo as YoungJi

She is within the class of YooHo and HyeJi.

She wonders who is that the strange transfer student.

She is that the owner of the Witch Store. She is that the witch HyeJi was interested by right along with high school life. The witch transformed into YoungJi and helps her amorous affairs.

Jung HyoJun as YooHo

He is a high school sophomore and is within the same class as HyeJi.

He is the proper guy, he can do sports, study and more.

He is quiet and chic. he’s not fascinated by girls.

Jung HyeWon as HyeJi

She is that the first customer at the Witch Store and also the first part-timer working there.

She incorporates a crush for YooHo attending the identical class. She is indecisive.

Ha JiYoung as the witch

She is that the owner of the Witch Store. She could be a modern witch who likes joking and incorporates a mysterious feeling. She likes HyeJi.

Interesting Facts

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