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Let’s know more about The Sweet Blood! I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready with us!

The vampire web drama of B-PLAY (Bamboo Network) The Sweet Blood relies on webtoon.

The cast consists of rookie actors. Song ChaeYoon previously acted in “The Tale of Nokdu” and “Rugal”.bdebuts in acting with this web drama, he’s active as a model. Kim JiWoong debuted as an idol (former INX member under the anonym JiNam, pre-debuted blood type.I.T and former ATEEN member under the anonym King) and he’s debuting in acting with this web drama. Cho EunHo and Yoon DaYoung also are rookie actors debuting during this web drama.

You can watch the net drama on the B-PLAY YouTube Channel with English subtitles, for the links check the top of the article.

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Title: The Sweet Blood / Daldalhan geunom / 달달한 그놈

Director: Ha HanMe

Writer: Hwang DaSeul based on the webtoon of S and NalChi

Network: B-PLAY

Runtime: From March 24

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

# of Episodes: 15

Language: Korean


Vampires have evolved within the 21st century. they’re not drinking human blood from biting their necks. They drink a special vine they create out of a bit blood from blood donation bags. The Vatican made a special agreement with the human world to punish those that are illegally drinking human blood. the ability struggle among vampires over the best wine with the blood of great men started.

YeonSeo may be a half-human and half-vampire. At her highschool, MeoRu has such sweet blood that he’s attracting other vampires. Will she follow her instinct or her love?


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Song ChaeYoon as Son YeonSeo

YeonSeo could be a half-human and half-vampire of 118 years (born from an individual’s mother and a vampire father).

She works as a sommelier because she has naturally an honest sense of taste and smell. However, she wants to flee from her father and become a person’s being someday because she hates him for using her mother’s blood for his business. Her mother was accustomed has the blood of great men suitable for the vampire wine.

One day, MeoRu who has the foremost irresistible sweet blood appeared ahead of her.

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Kim EoJin as Song MeoRu

MeoRu is a normal high school student who incorporates a one-sided crush on YeonSeo. He doesn’t know that he has the blood of great men wanted by vampires for his or her vines.

Even if YeonSeo keeps on putting an iron wall against him, she still cannot hide her attraction for him. One day, YeonSeo was bloodsucking him and he discovered that she was a vampire. His normal standard of living took a shock.

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Kim JiWoong as Yoon ChiWoo

ChiWoo came to Korea to steer YeonSeo to stay working as a sommelier after a call for participation. he’s a troublemaker. He was YeonSeo’s fiance 50 years ago so he can’t ignore her.

He began to attend the identical high school as YeonSeo and MeoRu to seem for the blood of great men.

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Cho EunHo as Do HyunJe

He is a werewolf sent by the Vatican to research the mysterious murders involving vampires. While investigating the incidents by taking a fake job at YeonSeo’s school cafeteria, he became involved in vampires and looked as if it would have found a clue to the incidents.

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Yoon DaYoung as Kim SooJung

Kim SooJung is YeonSeo’s friend. She is more fascinated by appearance than studying.

She loved to appear as handsome HyunJe but when ChiWoo arrived, she doesn’t know who to love more from these two handsome men.

About the webtoon

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The web drama “The Sweet Blood” (official translation) or “The Sweet Guy” (literal translation) is predicated on the vampire romance webtoon “The Sweet Girl” (in Korean “달달한 그녀”) by S and NalChi. the first story was changed for the drama.

You can read the webtoon in Korean (not officially available in English). Have a glance at it below.

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