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Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince! I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready with us!

The fantasy romance web drama “The Mermaid Prince” is back with a brand new season: The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning”. It’ll take viewers back in time.

ASTRO’s MoonBin, Chae WonBin, and SF9’s HwiYoung are the lead actors. MoonBin is that the only actor staying within the cast from the primary season. He was a baby actor who acted within the famous drama Boys Over Flowers. MoonBin continued to act in dramas as supporting roles and in 2019, he gained more popularity along with his role within the drama “At Eighteen”.

Actress Chae WonBin gained lots of spotlight along with her role within the popular web drama “Twenty Twenty” this year. HwiYoung first acted within the SF9‘s debut web drama “Click Your Heart” (2016) with fellow members. In 2020, he got cast in numerous dramas including web drama “DokGoBin Is Updating”, upcoming web drama “Replay” and upcoming KBS drama “Imitation“. He’s built up his filmography.

Rookies Mun SangMin, Yoon SeoBin, Jung BoMin, and Yu NaGyeol are supporting actors. Mun SangMin acted in web dramas: “Real High Romance 2”, “4 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas”, and “The Colors Of Our Time”. He caught the eye together with his good look. Yoon SeoBin is thought of as an ex-JYP trainee and participant of “Produce X 101”, he’s debuting in acting. The actress Jung BoMin (“Triple Fling”, “Freshman”), and Yu NaGyeol (“To Be Continued” with ASTRO members) have acting experience in web dramas.

“The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning” was filmed in September. It’ll air on Lifetime YouTube every Wednesday and Friday at 9 PM KST from Nov. 18. The drama is pre-released on Seezn from Nov. 11. Check the link at the top of the article.


Title: The Mermaid Prince: The Beginning / Ineowangja deo bigining / 인어왕자 더 비기닝

Director: Kim Wan

Writer: Lee SooAh, Hong SeungHyun

Network: Seezn x Lifetime

Runtime: From Nov. 11 on Seezn, From Nov. 18 on YouTube

# of Episodes: 10

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Language: Korean


One day, Jo Ara began to head to the identical school because of the mermaid princes from the varsity next to hers?! It tells the friendship, dreams, and love of high school students in their second year who are spending their approaching coed life.


Pic 1 - Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

ASTRO’s MoonBin as Choi WooHyuk

WooHyuk could be a tsundere with a warm visual. He was famous for being a part of the swimming club called “Mermaid Prince” but he suddenly quit swimming after an occasion.

Pic 2 - Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

Chae WonBin as Jo ARa

ARa is an easy-going girl who gave au courant dating. She is preparing to enter university within the College of education. But there’s an individual who began to keep bothering her.

Pic 3 - Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

SF9’s HwiYoung as Yoon KunEe

KunEe is that the captain of the swimming club. He looks cold on the skin but he’s a romanticist who only looks at one person.

Pic 4 - Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

Mun SangMin as Jo ASeo

ASeo is that the president of the swimming club. he’s handsome and there are so rumors saying he’s a womanizer.

Pic 5 - Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

Yu NaGyeol as Oh YoonYoung

YoonYoung could be a model student. Her appearance and grades are perfect but she isn’t easy to speak to.

Pic 6 - Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

Jung BoMin as Ma LiA

LiA is ARa’s relief and JaeBum’s girlfriend. She only has eyes for JaeBum.

Pic 7 - Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

Yoon SeoBin as Yoon JaeBum

JaeBum is LiA’s boyfriend. he’s a mood maker and he only has eyes for LiA.

Teaser & Posters

Here are the official posters.
Pic 8 - Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince!

Here is the teaser.

Let’s know more about The Mermaid Prince! Don’t forget to catch up with the latest Korean drama news with us every day!

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