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Let’s know more about Nevertheless!

Let’s know more about Nevertheless! I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready with us!

Nevertheless,” also know as “I Know But” could be a romance drama supported webtoon. it’s one in every of the many adaptations of 2021 (check the lineup of webtoons to be adapted into drama in 2021 here).

Song Kang and Han SoHee are the lead actors. they’re both actors that rose in popularity in 2019-2020.

Song Kang gained the spotlight along with his roles in “Love Alarm”, “When The Devil Calls Your Name”, “Sweet Home”, and “Navillera”. it’s his fourth drama-supported webtoon. As for Han SoHee, she rose to fame together with her role in “The World of the Married”.

The director Kim KaRam (“The Vampire Detective”, “Devilish Charm”, “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency”), and writer Jung Won (“Necessary Dating Education”) are accountable.

The drama is a couple of realistic romances and a few episodes are visiting be rated +19.


It tells the romance of NaBi who doesn’t trust love but who wants thus far and of JaeEon who is uninterested in dating but who wants to flirt.


Title: Nevertheless, / I Know But / Algoissjiman, / 알고있지만,

Director: Kim KaRam

Writer: Jung Won webtoon by JeongSeo

Network: JTBC, Netflix

Runtime: June 19

# of Episodes: 10

Genre: Romance


Pic 1 - Let’s know more about Nevertheless!

Song Kang as Park JaeEon

2nd year in Department of Sculpture

JaeEon is uninterested in dating but wants to possess a flirt.

He encompasses a romantic voice and is so handsome that everybody takes a glimpse of him within the streets. Once you’ve fallen for this handsome and talented man, you can’t jump over his magical vibes. he’s nice to everyone but of course, he’s curious about nobody. He draws a line between himself et al and doesn’t show his true self.

Once he met NaBi, he began to feel a replacement interest in his boring life and wanted to seduce her. He approached her half-jokingly and kept on getting curious about her.

The more he likes her, the more he has this contradictory feeling that he wants to destroy her all.

Pic 2 - Let’s know more about Nevertheless!

Han SoHee as Yoo NaBi

4th year in Department of Sculpture

NaBi doesn’t trust love but wants up to now.

She is a normal and easy educatee. She is serious and talented about her work and has the nickname of “the studio ghost”. NaBi features a lot of dreams.

But she also contains a hidden trauma and a secret concerning a relationship that she can’t tell anyone. She had her first relationship at the age of 20, but it absolutely was just a “mature” relationship, to place it nicely. She believed infatuated but everything collapsed without delay. After that, she made a promise to never believe destiny or love anymore.

However, she met JaeEon who began to shake her promise. She just cannot take her eyes off him even when he kissed another woman.

Pic 3 - Let’s know more about Nevertheless!

Chae JongHyeop as Yang DoHyuk

3rd year in Department of Cooking

DoHyuk could be a man who wants to possess a true relationship, not a one-sided love.

He is positive and delicate. He was living in his hometown until he entered the university in Seoul.

He was discharged from his military service some months ago. He failed to return to the varsity directly but when to his hometown, and he runs a cooking YouTube channel called “Grandson of Noodles Restaurant.” When he saw NaBi, his old flame, for the primary time in 10 years at his family noodle shop, he felt for her again and couldn’t control his heart beating fast. He realized that she was hurt by something but failed to ask her.

He was near to confess to her when he saw JaeEon and saw what sort of mortal he’s.

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