Let’s know more about Navillera!

Cover - Let’s know more about Navillera!

Let’s know more about Navillera! I believe you guys will be surprised and excited when knowing that! Get ready with us!

Navillera or “Like A Butterfly” could be a ballet-theme drama supported the webtoon of the identical title. it’s one amongst the many adaptations of webtoon into drama in 2021.

Park InHwan (“Come Back Mister”, “Mad Dog”, “Liver or Die”), Song Kang (“When The Devil Calls Your Name”, “Love Alarm”, “Sweet Home”), Na MoonHee (“The Three Witches”, “Dear My Friends, “Rain or Shine”), and Hong SeungHee (“Psychopath Diary”, “Memorist”, “King Maker: The Change of Destiny”) are the lead actors.

Song Kang could be a rising actor who had caught attention along with his flower boy looks and good acting in “Love Alarm” and “Sweet Home”. He’s on his thanks to becoming an A-list actor.


Title: Navillera / Like A Butterfly / Like Butterfly / Nabillera / 나빌레라

Director: Han DongHwa

Writer: Lee EunNi

Network: tvN

Runtime: From March 22

Genre: Life, Family

# of Episodes: 12

Language: Korean


It tells the expansion story of a 70-year-old elderly man DeokChul who starts ballet and a 23-year-old dancer ChaeRok who wanders before of his dreams. The one whose life is ending and therefore the one whose life is starting will build a friendship through ballet.


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Park InHwan as Shim DeokChul

A 70-year-old man. DeokChul wont to be a mailman since 1977 and now he’s retired. At the tip of his life, he started ballet which was his long-cherished dream.

He is gentle but he says what he should say. he’s married to Hae Nam and has three children.

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Song Kang as Lee ChaeRok

A 23-year-old dancer. ChaeRok is talented in ballet but he’s wandering within the tough reality.

Since 6-year-old, he was accustomed be only pondering soccer under his father a soccer coach but he realized he’s not talented at it. someday he saw a ballet performance unintentionally and ought to experience feelings that cannot be explained by words for the primary time in his life.

He had practice ballet for 4 years but he’s now during a slump. His life began to change after meeting DeokChul.

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Na MoonHee as Hae Nam

Hae Nam is that the wife of DeokChul who cares plenty about her children. She wants to measure quietly without giving burdens to her children but in the future, her husband told her he wants to try and do ballet.

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Hong SeungHee as Shim EunHo

23-year-old. EunHo is that the granddaughter of DeokChul who lives consistent with her father’s plans. After meeting with ChaeRok, she starts to search for her own dreams and happiness.

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